Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Masjid Baru UTM Jalan Semarak

You must have thought 'OMG, this guy is posting something about a mosque?'
You must be kinda shocked to read the title of the post right?

Haha, well, since it's the start of the holy month of Ramadhan, why not post something
good and beneficial huh?

If you live or happen to pass by Jalan Semarak, or near UTM, or the Dewan Perdana Felda, chances are you would have seen the construction of this mosque for the past few months(year?) or so.
This magnificent mosque, which i don't know the name yet is just opened a few days ago,
and it is built to replace the old wooden mosque in UTM.

It looks exactly like the blueprint, or whatever you call it

Basically, this mosque is bigger, more comfortable, air-conditioned, and of course more spacious.
Actually, the mosque is scheduled to be opened in a few months time, but since Ramadhan came early(!),
i guess the management decided to open it to public much earlier.

There's still parts of it that are yet to be completed. The parking lot is not really completed yet, the women's area is not equipped with air-condition yet, and even the big mighty chandelier is not set up yet.
But hey, that doesn't really matter, right.
What matters is that people can come and pray there already.

At night, the mosque is beautifully lit up. It is scheduled to be launched by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong this 20th of August, if i'm not mistaken.
Since it's the first night of terawih, ahem, i went there with my dad and my sister.
It's just a 5-minute walk  from my house.

Unfortunately, i forgot to bring my handphone to snap a pic. I'll try to get it the next time around.
A lot needs to be done and improved, but i think that the mosque is a great and welcome addition/upgrade to the neighbourhood.

I even met an old friend there. Brings back childhood memories when i used to go to the surau with friends. haha
The mosque is of course open to donations in the form of sejadahs, Al-Qurans, mats and anything related.
So, if you feel like doing a good deed during this holy month, feel free to sedekah.

Hope to see you there (cewahh).


chris federick said...

Got new masjid in my area too. I'll definitely be good this month *wink* :P

Ure a night person huh blogging at dis time?

Afzainizam said...

رمضان مبار… رمضان كريم… رمضان مبار…

Salam ramadan Al Mubarak..
buat pembaca blog kami

Ramadan bulan yg mulia..
Tertutup pintu-pintu neraka..Terbuka pintu-pintu syurga..Syaitan-syaitan dibelenggu.

saya_arief said...

ayuh menghidupkan bulan ramadan ini.

Hananeechan said...

my 1st impression reading the title:
wah!! finally..


el said...

woiiiii kamooo kt mn ha...bru skrg bebeno ye...:)
tiba2 shout kt box..terkejuttt aiiii hahahaha

selamat berpuasa yiharrrrr

iyllienaz said...

dun forget to take some pics of the mosque ya??hehe..2nd day terawih still pergi masjid kan??

Izyan Darling said...



but then again, it's only the first night of Terawih anyway.

Lia3003 said...

hope arif cukup 30 hari solat terawikh kat situ, tp x semestinya terawikh, solat2 smua lah. btw, selamat menyambut ramadhan yeah!

hans said...


selamat berpuasa, selamat berbuka, selamat bertarawih dan selamat bersahur

P/S : Kalau Hari - Hari Macam Nih Mak Dengan Abah Tak Payah Dok Risau Dah!

Arief Arf said...

u better be a good boy! hahaha
yeah, my sleeping schedule is all haywire. hahaha

salam ramadhan!


jangan nak wahh sangat ye.
and jangan nak finally sangat, selalu je ok. hahahah

haha skang tak bz dah, jangan risau!

alhamdulillah, 2nd day pun pergi terawih jugak..

jangan nak omg sgt

insya Allah.. aminnn

I n n z said...

eh eh pegi semayang tak boleh bwk hp.
bwk trs slr.
haha. xD

selamat berpuasa ;)

Anonymous said...

cite pasal masjid, jangan tak pegi terawih pulak:P

kk said...

wahhh.jom pegi terawih same2 ;)

ayaa alyy said...

happy ramadhan ! jgn ponteng2 puasaa taw ;)

Anonymous said...

selamat berpuasa..=)

Chantek gak msjid br utm.dkat je ngan umah i.hehe

Anonymous said...

selamat berpuasa..=)

Chantek gak msjid br utm.dkat je ngan umah i.hehe

Arief Arf said...

malangnye slr pulak takde.

eh setakat ni full lagi attendance!

jom jom!

ayaa alyy,
happy ramadan to u too!
mane ade ponteng!

oh umah dekat situ je ke?
ok nanti pegi smayang terawih setiap hari!

Anonymous said...

itu sangat menarik untuk dibaca. Saya ingin mengutip posting Anda di blog saya. Hal ini dapat? Dan Anda et account di Twitter?.

Anonymous said...

Apa yang posting bagus. Saya sangat suka membaca jenis atau artikel. Aku bisa? T menunggu untuk melihat apa yang orang lain katakan..

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