Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still Kicking

Sigh, another 1-month hiatus.
I'm not gonna say i've been busy, i'm not gonna apologize (heck, nobody cares haha) and i'm certainly not gonna ask you if you've missed me.

Actually, i slept through the whole of September and somebody only woke me up when September ends, and now i'm in the middle of a 'Tragedi Oktober'. I'll make sure that i'd be prepared for the coming November Rain, so that i can finally enjoy My December.

ahaha. Okay, enough of the corny-songs-related-to-months thingy.
Just not in the mood for blogging lately, but some of your comments and questions made it hard for me to ignore my blog. Oh, i feel so appreciated. I never knew my absence would cause so much questions and confusions. 

Okay okay, enough of the silly crap.
Blog posts will resume as usual soon.
And i mean very soon.

Stay Tuned!



nor said...

idop lagi rupenye..(!)
aku baru nak sedekah al-fatihah

Fina Sophie said...

haha. i knew u'll be back. tp ni baru sebulan ni, apsal tak tunggu lagi sebulan haha XD

anyway, welcome back, yg utk kesekian kalinya. hihi.

Lina Rahim said...

although u not ask, we miss u..betul tak tipu.. ;-p

chris federick said...

miss u!!! hahaha. keep blogging bro. At least once a week? ;)

Pinky Pixie said...

yeah, same la kita. mood berblogging da hilang ke laut.. haha..

teruskan update.. jgn ditinggalkan bsawang =p

Lia3003 said...

sama macam saya.. kalau dah malaaaas sangat nak berblog, berminggu2 senyap...well, kita serupa!

Arief Arf said...

haishhhhhhhh sampai hati

yeah, bagus pun memahami.

betul ke?
awwww hahahahaha


pinky pixie,
belum sempat bersawang lagi..

takpe takpe take ur time.

annfrendly said...

sebulan menghilang.. ape bikin?
kalah PM bz nye..ahaks..

jangan menghilang lagi sudah :p

Anna Boleyn said...

oh man...ur english is really good! sebab tu den suka baca blog hang tau!

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