Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uniqlo Fahrenheit 88 Opening Madness

Uniqlo, the Japanese brand has just opened its first outlet in Malaysia and South East Asia.
The first Uniqlo outlet is in Fahrenheit 88 (formerly KL Plaza) in Bukit Bintang, and today is its opening day/launching day.

The store opened its doors at 11am, and my oh my, lots and lots of people were there.
It was said that more than 3000 people came during the first few hours, and there were even fags who queued up since 2am the day before.
I don't understand this.. hype.

Makcik pun nak masuk!

I'm not a big fan of this brand, heck i don't even own one. A friend woke me up at 9am to go there, but being a sleepyhead that i am, i declined. But finally, me and a few friends went there at about 3pm, just for the thrills and to see the bloody madness, and the queue couldn't get any longer.

This is just the first stage of the queue, more queuing outside the building

The queue was sooo long that it would take you at least an hour to get inside. Yes, one freaking hour just waiting to get inside a bloody store.
Not really my cup of tea.

No way i'm gonna get stuck inside these

So, me and a friend decided to explore around and look for loopholes while some of my friends queued up, just in case.
And luckily enough, we found one.

We managed to sneak in through the staff entrance via a pintu rintangan api.
Cool eh?
No need to fucking queue up! Goodbye losers!
Hate me all you want.

Shopping like it's the end of the world.. blahhh

Inside, everything is chaos.
Everybody seems to be buying everything.
But some of the stuffs are kinda tacky and waayy out of the Malaysian weather spectrum.
Nothing much for me though, but i did manage to get some stuffs.
The jeans are a steal at RM49.90.


It's a pity that everybody has to queue up for an hour or so.
I feel sorry.
Well, too bad for you, you, that auntie, that brat, those posers and the other 9000 shoppers.

All you need is a little bit of intelligence, some luck and a lot of balls.


nn said...

eii jahat! i queued for 3 hours kot. hahahaha

"All you need is a little bit of intelligence, some luck and a lot of balls. X)"

oh. i don't have balls. padan lah. hahaha

Anna Boleyn said...

hahahaha amboi...berlagak hang naaa. heheh tak berminat lah nak pergi. baik berblog.kuikuikui ;p

hudhud said...

ok, i plan nak gerak on 6 am, but then dh ada yg queued up since 2 am ? wtf lah weh. haha. but I tak pergi pun haha. murah2 masa opening ni je, siapa tak nak ?? :P

shima said...

benci benci.giler ramai td.dah queue dh tp last minute change mind,me and fren off to damansara.haha.

BENA said...

okeh aku JUJUR . aku tak paham ! HAhAHAHAH . =)

misz benida said...

seb bek ko xwak sawan tgh2 bribu lautan manusia..senget2..

~thumbs up!!!!!!!!

*aku hntu sopin gak,tpi kalo gtu la gayenye nk sopin,bek balik tidoo la..aduuui.

Fina Sophie said...


okey, saya sanggup buat apa je kalau dpt harga murah untk brand yg bagus. sneaking is good, but all i need is kawan2 yg pandai sneaking. sy tukang ikut dan tukang bagi semangat je hahaaaa. well, it's not like the guard is going to shoot u for sneaking rite.. @_@ :D

dianna said...

wahhh tak aci eh. haha im not a big fan of them either. but people do talk about them a LOT.

Lina Rahim said...

intelligence? heh, pasni i report kat management UNIQLO..hahhaa..

Hananeechan said...

haha. rugi tak kirim.

Amar Syafiq said...

Heh. Typical Arf, tapi style! haha. jeans for RM49.90? Stylo tak? tang jeans tu aku dgr mcm menarik je..hmmmm

Arief Arf said...

3 hours??!

anna boleyn,
tak minat?
rugi wooo hahaha
takpe la duk umah pun ok gak..

tu la..orang2 sanggup beratur pagi2 buta tu..
sape taknak kan..

la rugi giler.
dah alang2 q tu teruskan je la..

haha tang mane yang tak paham tu?

misz benida,
tu la kalau nak beratur memang harapan laaa

Arief Arf said...

yeah, ure right. just nak atau taknak je. bukan kena saman ke kena tembak pun. hahaha

yeah, semua org pun ckp sal ni kan..

report la.. mane taw nanti dapat jadi privileged customer ke.. ok gak..

rugi yobbb

haha kenal gak ko kat aku kan..
murah doh jeans dia..

Shahrysham Kamran said...

seriously. i never thought UNIQLO would create such madness and stir in msia :/

nn said...

jahattttttt! hahaha

Anzur Anuar said...


Entry terbaru: Nokia N8 dan Movie dari Nokia

~Sis~ said...

U managed to get in? I was there last Friday (pm), but apparently the line was stopped at 7pm! The store was still open though. WTF.

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