Friday, December 17, 2010

Malaysia Telcos Now Use 8-Digits with 011 Universal Prefix

Starting from December 15, all mobile operators will have new additional prefix with 8-digit mobile numbers.

It's kinda cool, huh?
Worry not, all existing numbers remain the same and unchanged.
Looks like all 7-digit numbers are finished.

Now you can start thinking of getting a nice number.
or even 011-44444444?



hans said...


nak cari nombor tu lah

BENA said...

nak no 011-43434343

haaa cantek gak nih ! heeee~

Zura said...

erm...yg 7 digit pun kekdg payah nk ingat...

Mr.Clive said...

012-34567890 ade x

misz benida said...

aku xpkai henpon.
so xcool la.

Anonymous said...

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