Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Stay Active the Whole Day

When you go to work, the mornings are always the hardest part. Agree?
Waking up is one thing, taking the cold shower is another, and getting through the morning rush takes it to another level.

You can't escape it, hell no. 
It's kinda funny to see how people seem to be so sleepy in the morning.
Sleeping in the train, on the bus, while driving and so on.

Everyday of this shit makes you unhealthy

I'm never sleepy in the morning. In fact, i'm at my freshest best.
Because i RAGE a lot, especially in the morning.

RAGE at the elevator stopping at every fucking floor, RAGE at those people who just don't fucking know how stand on the left side of the escalator, RAGE at the people who take their fucking sweet time to walk and block the whole pathway, RAGE at the coffee machine, RAGE RAGE RAGE!!!!

Well, that kept me going, and that kept my blood pumping all day long.
So, there you go, a tip no one else will give on how to stay active the whole day.
The answer is RAGE.

On a happier note, today is Friday!
Hello weekends!


sui nawi said...

So,on the weekend.
Be happy ok !

Judiene said...

And bila kau RAGE, orang kasi pelempang sedas dua.
And that is another tips on how to stay fresh and definitely not sleepy!

Lina Rahim said...

Rasa nak RAGE tiap2 pagi tapi sure satu hari semua orang tak berani approach i..LOL

Lovely Bella said...

heheh nice entry!!

Fina Sophie said...

mmg takda siapa nak bagi suggestion mcm ni (- -")

tp raging kdg2 mmg best.

|arieza| said...

i also apply this tip years ago! hahahaha we hv common thing in common! LOL :p

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