Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Burlesque Movie Review

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Cuti CNY maaa.
Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Anyway, it's been a while since i did a review on a movie. Last night, i watched the pre-screening of the movie Burlesque.
The movie's runtime is 119 minutes, quite long, but it is a musical after all.

I'm not really a big fan of musicals, but i don't hate it either.
But we are talking of Christina Aguilera here, people.
Oh my.

She's fucking hot. Beautiful. Cute. Sexy.

So, the movie is rather predictable, typical, or cliche you might say.
But the songs are nice, Christina's vocals are awesome as always, the dancing is pretty neat, and a lot of sexy women can't go wrong.

comel nyaaaaa

Oh, and check out the song 'Bound to You' by Christina Aguilera. It's a slow, sentimental song with powerful vocals. Typical Aguilera. I likey like.

Watch this movie if you are a fan of Aguilera, musicals, theatres or maybe even Glee.
It is worth it.
Here's the trailer of the movie.


 Oh Christina, you just made my day.


Misshy Innz said...

nak ticket free cerita ni . haha xD

Faziera said...

nosebleed eh?? LOL

h a n i e said...

pantang nmpk pompuan cantikkk..hahaha

Wawa~* said...

cis.. hahaha.. tp kalo citer muzikal cmani mmg layan gaks... tp tunggu donlod je la, lol... thanks for the movie recommendation!

SnowladieS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coffee Girl said...

Dont really like Aguilerra, but the girl can sing alright. Is the movie nice? Dah main kah?

SnowladieS said...

soooo sexy and nice body. i wish i can have body shape like that -,-

nn said...

best lah tu tengok cerita macam ni. haha

nak tengok! tapi tak mau letak high expectation macam cerita nine tu. ingatkan best, last-last boring. my friend siap tidur dalam movie -_-

natra md.nor said...

Thumbs up for the last pic! =p

Nak book tiket skaranglah. I'm a big fan of musical movies!

hans said...

aku sokong komen Hanie
apa2pun aku kureng sikit citer2 muzikal nih

Jom Join Contest Situasi Hans : Gunakan Imaginasi Anda

Judiene said...

I'm really looking forward to watch this movie.
Been hearing to the songs and yes, her vocal is superb!


Amirrah Zawani said...

minat christina aguilera..
nk tgk lah movie ni nti :)

Fina Sophie said...

indahnya ciptaan :)

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