Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sexy Lady at Fitness First

Do you go to the gym? What do you wear to gym?

Carol Loke is a frequent member of Fitness First in Cheras Leisure Mall.
This woman, a 47 year old woman, supposedly wore really skimpy clothes to gym and makes disturbing moans during her exercise.


Basically, her contract was terminated by the gym because of that. What makes it more interesting is that the gym representative met her at some roadside stall and told her about it just like that.

This is NOT her

So, she tak puas hati and even made a police report for the injustice.
The management replied, saying that she made other offense like:

  • Misbehavior during group exercise classes where she screams, shouts and moans which is deemed disturbing to both the instructor and the members.
  • Verbally abusing members in the changing room on a one-to-one basis and in general such as yelling out that all members in the centre were stupid.
  • Damaging the centre's property by throwing equipment such as bars and plates during class and smashing the front desk phone after using it

[insert sound here]

So, this must be one badass bitch we are talking about.
Well, at first, i was on her side. Who wouldn't want a hot MILF wearing skimpy clothes at the gym right?

See this. Scroll down.

WARNING -- be prepared

Yeah, that is Carol Loke.
She has been warned since two years ago.
And if you read under the comments section in the website source, most regular members there know her, and said that what she actually wears is even WORSE than the picture.

I can't imagine.
No, i don't even want to.

Okay, the management might be a bit wrong in the way they handled this case, but hey, rules must be followed right? At least have the courtesy to wear decent clothing, especially in public. Ethics, no?

 Kalau macam ni tak apa jugak
Unless you are a really hot woman with a hot body, of course.
But she's rude, she's noisy, she's an attention whore and a lot of people made a complaint about her. And sorry to say auntie, you are kinda ugly too. So, she is definitely wrong.

Serves you right.
What is your say?


Judiene said...

i'm gonna puke!!

Almari Si Pari-Pari said...

oh carol! wahahahaaa!

p/s: potable perfume for him pun ada dude;

Emilia Emira said...

haha xleh nak imagine camne makcik tuh buat kecoh..mesti havoc gler tuh.

Bashtiah said...

Oh. Okay... That's quite scary. I used to go to Fitness First as well... Some of the ladies even violate other people's personal space by changing clothes exactly at the lockers area. And I meant, changing clothes as in going nude. Yala... All women also tapi, tapi... Quirky gila.

Shamsuddin Amin said...

masuk gym bajet nak ngorat la tu...

Amanda Sasha said...

well dia memang rude but tak bermakna dia tak cantik. =)

ADEEYA said...

Erkkk ? Ew !

nadyagita said...

First, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
Second, I really like your blog, esp this post because it's so funny! LOL! I thought the lady was like the on 1st picture but then hahahah good story from you!

la femme

Lina Rahim said...

that auntie aa maybe lonely lorr.... hahahaha..

Coffee Girl said...

Anything made headlines these day. poor woman, she even posed! i mean, i can imagine (although id rather not) what skimpier clothing she cud be wearing than this, thats nothing. but to scream and moan, dude... thats just soooo way out of line. obscene. we're malaysians, we still have our culture.

asfira aminuddin said...

haha. kes cam tu pun ada kan. tak kesah if die gi gym dgn pakaian yg tak sesuai sbb die bkn tau halal haram pun. tp if bwat hal, mmg teruk!

fadh leyanie said...

rules must be followed,perhaps that aunt lack of emotional stability..bawak dia ke tanjung rambutan

chris federick said...

wow what a MILS. Mother I'd Love to Slap.

Hans said...

hahahaha...tgok gambo auntie tu terus hilang mood

Review Filem Karak Disini

adwafarahin said...

mmg patut org x kasi masuk gym da

klu nk bg melingkup n
terjerit pekik ganggu org lain mmg patut kene banned

hahaha.oh carol!

Fina Sophie said...


MIMIE AIZA said...

eh ada kerja utk i ke??
i ambik diploma in investment analysis

Mia said...

I think orang yang kerja dekat situ semua confirm in nightmares je. Haha. Gila menggelikan.

Sophie Al-yahya said...

i've already puke.

She's so hot.. NOT!

nn said...

tak boleh blah makcik ni. posing macam hot sangat -_-

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

oh aunty,,,u're damn hottt! muahaha.

ps: maybe that's her way to wear this, to wear that. PEACE!

| gad1s s0ypans | said...

kalak0w unty tue......

Ain Zulaikha said...

halooohhhh untie , hahahahahha

kasi lah untie ni can.. dia pun nak gak jadi hot.. :D

azalia hjsalleh said...

lg suka senam dlm rumah. lebih selesa kot

jack said...

fitness first club is useless club ever! thinking its a high end club like royal selangor or other golf club. most of fitness first employee are uneducated and unprofessional.

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