Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim Taking the RapidKL Train

So, the other day, i took the Putra LRT/RapidKL from Kelana Jaya.
And then i saw a familiar face/figure.


Oh wait, could it be..
Well, it looks like him, stands like him, is it really him?

 Jambu siot

Yes, it is. Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim yo.
Seriously, it is him. No need for video/picture analysis. And no need to make a sumpah laknat, ok?

And who's that guyboy standing close to him?
Must be his new anak ikanacquaintance or something.

" Mama, isn't that the guy in the video? "

I'm not sure what he's doing there, but there are a lot of photographers and bodyguards around him as well.
Ahh.. no wonder. Election is near, no?

Oh by the way, sorry for the crappy picture quality, and excuse the watermark yeah?
"Make sure gambar tu nampak saya ni mesra rakyat ya"

So basically Anwar took the same train. Inside the train, he posed here and there, walks around, greets the people around him, being very mesra rakyat and all, and he even came to me and shook my hands.

Sup bro?

Since i was busy taking pictures of him like right in front of his face, he smiled at me and shook my hands. Err yeah. He then proceeded to play with some makcik's little son, and acted very mesra with some travelling Chinese, talked with a few Indians, and all that lah, you know the drill.
1Malaysia maa. Eh?

I love boyskids

 He was quite sporting, posing here and there, and even came out at one of the stations just for a picture, and quickly running back in before the train door closes.
And with the shades and all. lol

Can i claim a Rolls Royce?

So all in all, it was a rather funny ride back home actually. hahaha
It's not everyday you get to ride a train with this very controversial man, no?

Nah, make your own 'analysis'

Oh, one of his queer-looking aides did gave me a gay stare, and i gave him the WTFisyourproblemman look.
But luckily, i'm not approached to become the next Saifulhis anak ikan or some shit.

Sori lah bang, saya tak main belakang.


Zura said...

wow very mesra rakyat...hhee..susah nk jumpe pemimpin menunggu transpot awam..

Hans said...


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Irumi said...

Stumbled upon your blog the other day and I'm hooked by your sarcastically humourous style of writing since.

And reading this today - I really want to ask what time was it you saw him on the train? 'Cause I travelled from Kelana Jaya station also today. Too bad I missed it. haha

Arief Arf said...

hey there irumi,

thanks a lot for reading my blog, and nice to hear the compliments! X)

oh btw, anwar was at the kelana jaya station on Monday, around noon, if my memory serves me right.

do visit me often ya! thanks X)

Irumi said...

Oops, I overlooked the 'the other day', like, in the first line of the post. lol. Ah, well, still, I missed the scene. :P

Sure, keep writing more fun or random stuffs! hehe :)

adwafarahin said...

perhh ikhlas ke x tu naik train tuh
show off je kot hihi ^^
*jahat btl aku nieh -__-

ayaa alyy said...

hahah. saya tak main belakang. ok. thats funny ! :P

Nor atau Nad said...


Coffee Girl said...

Ahaha! You're so funny! I read all those crossed out words. Ada invisible liquid paper kat sini... :P Ur so lucky to shake his hands. ada aura tu...

Hans said...

tapi ayat ko tu lawak owhh
gelak2 aku baca kali ke-2

Review Filem Green Lantern Disini

MIMIE AIZA said...

waaaa mesra rakyatlahhh

Eazy Izzuddin said...

very mesra...
untung dapat jumpa beliau..

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

oh ok he seems so cool with his rakyat!

Judiene said...

Wow. It's really him. I think he may be looking for a strategic place for his new 'project'. Hahaha. Okay, it's quite cruel. Haha. I'm sorry.


Far8 budak baik said...

wehh susah kot nk jumpe
pemimpin naik transpot awam...
cayalahhh =p

azie.azureEn said...

nanti abang cakap "abang maen depan belakang pon boleh" :P

asfira aminuddin said...

ehh apa purpose dia tuh. lawak lahh u ni. anak ikan lah. haha. kot kot nak cr mangsa baru kot. ish jahatnya i. haha. :D

enyheartsdiamond said...

untunglah dapat jumpa anwar ibrahim depan2.. ttg kontroversi tu, tak tahu la nak percaya atau tidak :)

Fina Sophie said...

dari awal smpai hbs, mmg funny T_T lbh2 caption utk gmbr last tu. that 'gay stare' part. hahahaha!

ADEEYA said...

Errr , -__-" ;)

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