Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia Kelana Jaya

Salam 1Malaysia.

On Wednesday 22 June 2011, the first Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia was opened. It's located at the Kelana Jaya RapidKL station.
Since i use that station almost everyday, i got to see the works behind the store, and also its progress.

 Final touches before opening

If i'm not mistaken, the initial idea was to open a MyDin store over there. But somehow, it got changed into the Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia out of nowhere.

1 Ma...ling?

The opening ceremony was on that day, 5pm. It was officiated by our Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Abdul Razak. I was there around noon, and i swear to god that i don't wanna be there during the ceremony. It's done on 5pm, so you can imagine the rush hour traffic, the number of people and so on.

 Majlis Perasmian

There are many road closures that day, and if i'm not mistaken, even the taxi and bus service were halted or something for that event. You know lah, PM come, sure all must clean and clear one.
So, no annoying brader taxis and all those makciks selling keropok.

What brand is that?

The next day when i was there, the store is already fully open and functional. A lot of people were there, of course, to check out the new store and all.

1Malaysia for everything

So, what's so special there, you ask? What do they sell?

 Even serbuk kurma 1Malaysia also got

Well of course you can't buy Malaysian citizenship, or hak bumiputra over there.

Use the 1Malaysia shower cream to bathe in patriotism. oh yeah

Almost all of the items in there are brandless, or should i say, rebranded, to the 1Malaysia brand.
So, you have 1Malaysia breads, 1Malaysia shampoos, 1Malaysia serbuk kari and everything. Basically, 1Malaysia [insert item].

The bread is RM1+ for a big loaf

There's even a 1Malaysia tissue. Now you can wipe your ass and be patriotic at the same time!

Putting some sense into the words 'asswipe' and 'patriotism'?

What's great about this store is that the items over there are cheap. Noticeably cheaper than all stores/hypermarkets, fucking cheap.
You can get a bottle of 500ml mineral water (1Malaysia brand, of course) for RM 0.39! That's 40 cents for a fucking bottle of mineral water. Even a 1.5L tub of 1Malaysia ice-cream costs RM3!

 I wonder where is the source of this water..

In terms of quality, i'm not sure yet, i haven't bought anything, yet. Of course you can't compare to those Cold Storage groceries quality, but hey, how bad can it be, right? I guess.
Looks like 7-Eleven, Newsplus and Guardian at the Kelana Jaya station will be bungkus soon, no? 

1Word - cheap!

Well, i think this is quite great, especially for poorfags like me.
Buy cheap groceries, support the community and be patriotic at the same time.

Do check it out whenever you are free or around that area.
Salam 1Malaysia.


adwafarahin said...

waaa style la da ade kedai jual sume brng2 mesia
nie yg kite mau! support brng2 mesia :D

andy telasai said...

"There's even a 1Malaysia tissue. Now you can wipe your ass and be patriotic at the same time!" - wth! hahahahahahaah!

∂α∂уαиα said...

well, all those stuffs are "made in Malaysia" ?

Judiene said...

I'm not trying to be negative thinking or whatever but I don't think the location of the shop is strategic.
Why can't they open one at a mall or in the middle of a town for example.
And I wonder how long this shop will stand tall.
On the other hand, I do think this is a good start for us to appreciate our local products and to know that our products are also as good as those that are imported here.


asfira aminuddin said...

wah! serious style and i'm gonna support 1 malaysia :)

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

it is all about 1malaysia. tumpang bangga laah! :))

Coffee Girl said...

Everything is 1Malaysia in there? Seriously? er how do you bake a 1Msia bread?

enyheartsdiamond said...

hahahaa.. this sentence;

Now you can wipe your ass and be patriotic at the same time!

really makes me laugh! :p

Eazy Izzuddin said...

semua barang 1 malaysia..
i like..

azie.azureEn said...

u try. u comment. if good, then i go buy. okay..?? =PP said...

The store looks big and clean. Hope the quality is there! this comment is left by one Malaysian.:o)

Lina Rahim said...

patriotic + cheapskate = grrrreat combo! :-D

Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

wahh. hebak =))

harap2 harga murah ni kekal la~

chris federick said...

Do they sell cheap 1 msia condoms? Hope its not promoting recycling at d same time lol.

|arieza| said...

a gud way to fight economical downturn skrg ni.. btw, hopefully that store will be opening more branches. n btw, may malaysians unite!

Encik Psychopath said...

Support !

Far8 budak baik said...

pehh semua barang satu mesia lah
dalam tu kn..
waaaa..mydin tukat
1mesia..mmg tank pi lah..
nk maydin jugakk..haha

Fina Sophie said...

buatlah dekat sabah jugakkk...

reeyau said...

do they sell anti-racial pills??

MIMIE AIZA said...

x salah jadi patriotik.. kalau kita x banggakan negara kita sendiri, siapa lagi nak banggakan negara kita

Hans said...

bila nak buat dkt kedah nih

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

even murah tapi kemas
ok. great idea PM =)

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