Monday, August 18, 2008

A new blog is born!

Lookey-lookey, a new blogger has entered the community!
Surprised? Yeah, this is me all right and this is my first ever blog.
So, to answer some of the questions that might be popping in your minds right now, read the interview below.

OMG, you got a blog now?
Yes, it is actually long overdue. heheh.

Since when have you been thinking on writing a blog?
Well, since ages actually. Finally i got the time to start one.

What makes you start and why now?
I'm not sure, but maybe i think that the time has come. heheh.

What/who inspires you to finally start one?
Maybe it's because of lately, i've been reading a lot of blogs, and maybe because a lot of people have been asking me do i blog or not.

What can readers expect from your blog?
I know that the expectations will be extremely high, but i'll try to keep the readers coming back for more.
But, this is my first experience in blogging, so, i'm still learning the tricks and trades of blogging. So, don't expect too much, but i will try my best. Yeah. LOL.

Finally, what would you like to say to your readers/future readers?
I'm not even sure who's gonna even read my blog, but i'll try to post regularly and try to find my own 'niche'. (-_-)

So, all your questions are answered (i hope) and hopefully that this blog is not just a one-post-per-month kinda blog.
Do keep coming and watch out for my future posts.
Till then, cheers!

1 comment:

Izyan Darling said...

OMG arf is blogging!! hahahaahhaha~ and i'm the first to comment. i'm such a model sister. =D

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