Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The story of the Kancil Turbo

Take a look at the picture. We all looked really happy, as if we are enjoying the moment, although we are crammed inside a small car. Basically, what you see is different from what the actual story is behind the picture.

Our journey begins after the class had just finished. All of us are very hungry, and we thought of eating out. That time, it was raining very heavily, but we are so hungry we just could not care less. The kancil turbo is parked at the college, while we are stranded at the faculty as it was raining. So, i, of all people, had to go to the college and get my friend's kancil turbo. I'm not sure why suddenly i'm so rajin, i shared an umbrella with another coursemate to go to the college so that i can take the car and pick my friends back at the faculty(that is so not me, huh?).

Although the walk to the college is only 5 minutes, i still managed to get myself wet, especially my jeans, oh and also my shoes. I finally made my way to the kancil turbo and started the engine. As i was reversing the car, the engine died. oh, the engine is cold. yeah.damn. Luckily, there were not too many people around, so i don't have to hide my face behind the wheels. Then, i drove the kancil turbo to the faculty to get my friends. Oh, there were 5 of them actually. Luckily, i'm the one who's driving, so i don't need to squeeze myself at the back. At first we wanted to go out of UM to go to a mamak stall, but then again, it's raining, so we felt that it's better that we look for something inside UM.

There happens to be a convocation carnival or something, so we thought we would grab a bite over there. I drove the kancil turbo to the area, and somehow we managed to get ourselves in a really crammed lane, with double/triple parking and all, and a dead end. Hohoho, a dead end. At one point, there's just too many cars all over the place, there isn't any space to make a u-turn at all. So, we had to reverse all the way back to the main junction. At this point, i had to let the owner of the kancil turbo to take over, as he is more familiar with his own car, and i just hate reversing all the way with tight spaces and all. Luckily, we are able to get out in one piece(there were a few scares, though). After all the trouble, we managed to get a good parking(after a few rounds of searching, of course) and we are finally able to go to the carnival. And the rain didn't stop pouring at all.

Oh, i forgot to tell you a few things.
  • It was already 4 o'clock in the evening.
  • We haven't had our meals the whole day.
  • The car has no radio.
  • The car has no air-cond.
  • It's raining pretty badly.
  • We had to lower the windows because it's stuffy inside.
  • There's 6(six) of us in a bloody kancil.
  • I am soaking wet.
  • We are stuck in the "traffic jam" for about an hour. (inside the university pulak tu)
  • We had to run in the rain to get to the carnival area.

Over there, there's not much food left, and because of that, all i got is just a bloody hot (and i mean really really hot) milo which tastes like rain water. Nice huh?


CLIVE said...

nice story dude
bgs bgs,byk sket mende nak dibace pas ni,rajin2 la tulis.more stories!

p.s. nice edited-picture! :P ni mesti robot ajar,wahahahahah.

Arief Arf said...

hahah.. no way..
blajar sndri tu ok..

kaypoh said...

Kudos...u r such a hero to brave da rain to fetch da kancil for ur frenz & 'really' a hero for passing it back to the owner when u r in a tight spot no need la to pay kalo keta damaged, hahaha.
I enjoy reading ur musings. I think you have a flair...keep it up!

Mama kewl said...

Very amusing story indeed but I think your sister is not too amused - her hairs all standing on ends thinking what can (may?) happen to her fiery red kancil...heheh

Arief Arf said...

yeah, i am a hero. heroes always make the smartest choices huh? hahaha

mama kewl,
hahaha.. the kancil will be safe lah..
no worries lah..

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