Thursday, October 16, 2008

Need. Water. Now.

It's been quite a while since i last posted here. Been a bit busy lately. Yeah right.
Busy lah sangat kan. No, no. Malas actually. hahaha.

So, right now, i'm not really in a good condition. No, i'm not in an emotional state or anything. It's just that i haven't had my bath since this morning. It's already 2 something right now, which means, i haven't had my bath for the last 18 hours or so. That's 3/4 of a day already. Aha, i know. It sounds disgusting, but this is life inUniversity Malaya.

Smacked right in the middle of KL, but no water. WTF? This is not the first time. This is the gajillionth time already. And right now is the rainy season right? But still no water. Sigh.
Maybe the bloody roadworks around UM is causing the water shortage. I don't know. All i want is just some good, clean water for me to bathe. Oh, and for the stupid potholes all over UM to be covered.

So, right now, i don't know what to do. How to sleep when the body is so melekit? I wanted to study, but how to study like this meh?
Yeah right. LOL.

I woke up from sleep, with heavy rain pouring outside. Then i went to the sink, and there's no water. No water to wash the face, no water to drink from the water cooler, and not even a drop of water to shit make full use of the toilet. And then i went for my dinner at the dewan makan. And there's no water to even wash my hands.

What the hell, i proudly went for my dinner without washing my face after waking up. So, no need to wash the hands. Sure bersih. Belasah je lah. Luckily though, there is water to drink. But still, i got to spare some for washing my hands later.

There is an alternative actually. If you are rajin enough, you can go to the tangki air outside, bring a pail, fill with whatever water that is left, and go and do your business. But knowing me well, i prefer to just tahan whatever desire i have, for as long as i could.
No, no, actually i'm an optimist. I always think that the water will be back, soon. So, i wait la. No need to susah-susah, right? hahahaha.
Life is hard, eh?

It's not that it is such a big deal, but come on la. I need water. Everybody needs water. And this is not the first time this has happened.

But then again, i could have had my bath outside, at my friend's house or whatever. But you know lah kan, kalau dah malas tu malas jugak. Hopefully, the water is back next morning. Kalau tak, memang tak pergi kelas la esok. If not, i'll have to go to class wihout even bathing.

No way, if the water is not available by tomorrow, i'll seriously have to bathe somewhere. I don't care. Anywhere. Can't stand it anymore. Can't stand looking at the muka-muka tak mandi also. hahaha.

So, now i'm going to sleep with my muka yang berminyak and rambut yang serabai, without brushing my teeth and what not.

No, not because i'm malas to go to the tangki air or what.
It's just that it's kinda..... empty.
That's what people told me.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

By the way, the part before this paragraph is written at around 3am. I have actually published this post already, but then, i had to edit it because after writing and publishing this post, i actually bathe (huh?). So basically, what you read BEFORE THIS PARAGRAPH, is the original post, unedited. And from the next paragraph on, it is the newly added part.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I'm sure you're already confused by now. After publishing this post (the earlier part), a friend came to my room and said that the tangki air still has water in it. So, we went there and had our bath.

It's already 4am and it is very very cold outside. Who cares? I certainly don't. All i wanted is just to freakin' bathe.

The tangki air has four corners, and there are four taps at each side of the corner. And the tap is quite low. So, i had to squat down, and bathe under the tap. Get it?
I felt like a construction worker, living in a rumah kongsi, bathing under the tap of the tangki air, wearing boxers. But hell, who cares. It's cold, it's dark, but it was well worth it. And it's quite fun too. hahaha.

So now, i feel so fresh, i can't sleep.
That's why i am so rajin to edit/add to this post again.

On the brighter side, no more muka berminyak, no more rambut serabai and less muka tak mandi around.


-mia- said...

I faced the same problem during my days in 5th College UM way back in 2000 too. OMG! They still have the same problem after all these years!?! Gosh! And as a result, we (me and my bestie) always end up attend the morning classes without bathing!And to cover it up, kitaorg spray laa perfume satu botol and make up2 laa skit... hehe...and i remember,there were days where we will go to our friend's place in Hartamas just to bathe.Almost everyday! sigh

sis said...

oh my, i can imagine the muka tak mandi, gigi tak gosok (apatah lagi kan?!), and the hair...ohhh don't get me started on the hairrrr....
btw, kenapa tak balik rumah je mandi? ish ish ish...sanggup tu tahan...but then again, am not surprised...heh heh.

Izyan Darling said...


kenapa la x balik je rumah and mandi? i can always send u back later on what...kesian...macamana nak study macam ni? *rolls eyes*

mama kewl said...

Aawww..."spare some loose change" look! he's doing everybody a service by not taking the public transport (maklum lah rupa berserabai & tahan shit lagi - siapa fart ni??? It wasn't me....heheh)

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