Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy? Think again.

Finally the week is almost ending. What a tiring week it has been. And it feels like a really long week for me. And i'm not really looking forward to the weekend pun.

This week has been a busy week for me. Not really busy studying or anything, it's just that there is a Hari Keusahawanan at the university. We had to take part as it is part of the evaluation for one of the subjects in my course. Basically we had to sell something for 2 days, using our own money and resources and everything else. All the university did was just to give us a place to sell.

So, everything went great. Everything was sold. No losses recorded. Only profits. Even the lecturers/evaluators/judges looks pretty impressed. So, a success actually.

Since the exams are just a few weeks away, there's not much classes left anymore. But then again, there's still lots of work to be done. And for the record, i have to attend this bloody seminar on i don't know what, this Saturday. It's compulsory, and i even have to pay for it. WTF? It's still raya season right, why do it now? I have many openhouses to attend and duit rayas to collect. ahaha.

So basically, these few days, i am a really busy person. Busy sangatlah konon. That's why this blog is left outdated for a few days, i guess. hahaha. But then again, what's so busy? I don't think that there's such a thing as too busy.

I'm sure most of you people have used the excuse of being busy, or been used against it.

When you ask someone, why didn't you update your blog? Busylah...
When you ask someone, why haven't you done this and that? Busylah...
When you ask your bf/gf, why didn't you call/text me? Busylah...

And i could go on and on, listing stupid questions with the same answer.

So, how busy can you be anyway, huh?
Come on lah.
That's all bullshit.

You can go and lepak with your friends all the time, you can be online 24/7, you can still skip classes, you can just sleep the whole day, and yet you say you are busy.
What, you're doing something, for example, studying so hard that you don't even have the time to do something else at all?
Or maybe too busy with "assignments" that you can't even call your parents?
Yeah right.

I'm not pointing fingers to anyone or anything. And i admit that sometimes, i too, am guilty of this "busy-ness".
And i'm sure that YOU too are familiar with all this.

So, why the word busy? Why not 'forgot'? Or 'malas'?
Maybe that's being just too honest.

So, the word busy is the best word huh? You won't sound like you have neglected something/someone, and yet you can maintain your credibility. Great.

So the next time you hear someone saying that they are busy, you know exactly what they mean.
And if you are a "i'm-the-busiest-person-in-this-world" type of person, stop your bullshit already. You're not that busy.

And oh, the Hari Keusahawanan pics maybe will be uploaded soon, with full stories, of course.

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Kaypoh said...

Very well said...we always hide under the word "busy". Just think how people can achieve so many things while others none at all. After all it's 24 hrs a day -same for everyone.It's actually whether u want to or not, kan? Ishh...Ishh.. bunyi philosopher pulak

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