Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya Ramblings

So, the month of Syawal is here, and everybody is celebrating Hari Raya!

Everybody went back to their
kampungs, reunite with their families, and most importantly, gorge on the various foods that is there to be consumed. Yes, this raya season seems to hit me pretty bad. Can't really stop eating, munching, snacking, everything. Sigh, i'm getting fat.
Sounds a bit lame, but yes, i've been eating too much.

Just when i got back to the college, a friend said,
Weh, gemuk gila kau.

While i was posting this, and browsing the pictures of food to be uploaded, another friend came and said,
Tengok gambar makanan je, mana tak gemuk.

One month of fasting, restraining the lust for food (among other things), and now, Bam!
Eat, eat, eat.
Makan, makan, makan. Nafsu macam setan. ahahahaha.

But then again, who cares right? It's not often that you can eat that many kinds of food, at that rate. I can always work out later, and get my six-pack back. ahahaha. Yeah, i really have to work out sooner. So that i can be ready for the beach season/summer time. ahahaha.

So, what did i do during the
raya? Don't be surprised, but i cooked a rendang. A really good one at that. Okay, okay. I didn't exactly prepare the whole thing from a to z. Hell no, i ain't gonna cut up the beef or blend the spices or what. I'll leave that to the experts. All i did was just kacau the rendang and watch the fire. ahaha. It might sound kinda meh to you, but hey, it's a bloody tiring work okay. Especially on the last day of puasa. I had to kacau the rendang for like every 2 minutes, and make sure that the fire is not too slow or too big. Yes, it's cooked ol'skool style. With arangs and all.

And here's the picture of the rendang.
Looks good. Tastes even better.

So, i'm sure you're doubting the taste of MY rendang, huh? ahaha. Okay, maybe i'm not the one marinating the rendang or takes care of the spices and all, but hey, it's how it is cooked is what matters right? Well, at least the added spices such as the sweat, hairs, the saliva and what not, makes it even tastier i guess(not forgetting the occasional swearing too). ahahaha. It's beyond delicious i tell you. It's damn good. Hell yeah. No, i'm not kidding or exaggerating, but that's what people say. If the rendang has a Friendster profile, it would have around 2 thousand comments already. Yeah, that damn good.

Even the girlfy can't hide the euphoria of eating the rendang.
Note the empty plate.

After more than 3 hours of patience(which is rare for me), the rendang is finally cooked. Since there's still fire and arang, i decided to panggang the ikan. It's for the berbuka that day.

And then i realised, with the abundance of arang, it should not be wasted just like that. So, why not use it for the shisha? Nice.
But then again, i forgot to bring my shisha back home.
Damn, what a waste.

Okay, enough already.
Oh, another thing, duit raya. Yes, angpows.
The bane for adults and the ectasy for kids. So, which category do i fall under? None. I'm not really an adult(an adult is a person who gives duit raya), and no i'm not a kid anymore. So, that leaves me with...

Yes, no more angpows already? Only from the family. None from the cousins or relatives. What the hell is wrong with these people? You know that i'm not working yet, i'm still studying, so where is the bloody duit raya? I deserve a duit raya just as much as the 5-year-olds do, okay.

Some relatives even asked,
Dah kerja dah?

Eh, belum, masih study lagi.

Erm, so, take out the duit raya already.
But still, no duit raya.

What's the point of asking then? Next time don't ask if you don't have any intentions of giving any at all. hnssss.

What's more interesting though, is that i actually got an angpow from someone i don't really know. I went to the girlfy's friend's house, as she just wanted to meet her old friend who is studying overseas. We didn' even enter the house, as it was already late, and so we just talked outside for a while. And when we're about to leave, the friend gave an angpow to both of us. The mother of the friend must have given it to her earlier i guess.
Err.. i don't really even know you, i didn't even enter your house, but i got a freaking angpow from your mother. Not that i'm complaining, but, it feels kinda awkward and somehow i felt a bit rude, considering the fact that i did not even enter the house and meet the tuan rumah
and all.

Tak dapat duit raya bising, tapi bila dapat pulak banyak bunyi.

But then again, who cares. Thanks for the duit raya though. And if only every other family is like that.
Wishful thinking huh?

So, a note to the readers. If When i come to your house, make sure you give me a duit raya, okay?

And no RM1/RM5 please?


Mia said...

Hahaha. This is funny. I'm at my college library now and smiling like a retard. Kelakar2.

Selamat Hari Raya Arief. For the first time after many years after kindergarden that i finally wish you Happy Raya. Should thank Friendster for this reunion. LOL.

Have a good day.

Kaypoh said...

Kuih-muih pemanis rasa,
Ketupat rendang pembuka selera,
Mercun bunga api penyeri suasana raya, andai ada tersilap kelakuan & berkata, ampun maaf jua yg ku pinta.

sis said...

1st of all, u, fat??!!
2. what's the dream man, u, masak rendang / jaga api??? whoaaa...!
3. awww u still want angpau meh?? big oledi maa...

-mia- said...

Hey, do come to my house. i'll give u duit raya... :-)

bro, what happenned to the Gunners?? I takder mood nak tengok BPL laa.. :-(

Arief Arf said...

yeah, its been ages huh?
hahhaa.. selamat hari raya to u too..
n keep on smiling yeah?

waaah, siap berpantun lagi ye..
thanx thanx.. selamat hari raya 2 u 2.

1. yes, getting fatter. haha. but fret not, will be back to normal in a few days. hahaha
2.yes, believe it. rugi awak xdpt merasa rendang.hohoho.
3.yes, u owe me a duit raya. huhuhu

yeah, nanti i datang.. heheheh..
tu la, now arfsenal a bit under-performing la.. xpe xpe, never lose faith..

Izyan Darling said...

to quote the sis "what's the dream man, u, masak rendang / jaga api??? whoaaa...!"
habis dicanangnya satu Malaya yang rendang tu sedap sebab dia masak. lol. so now ur the official tukang buat api, tukang kacau rendang, tukang jaga api, tukang panggang ikan, ok?

Izyan Darling said...

and oh, shisha tu, peram je la kat kolej. enjoy dengan kawan2 je la. kakaknya ni dengar2 je cerita pasal shisha dia sedangkan kakaknya ni la yang tolong dia beli kelam kabut kat airport dubai, carry masuk flight, jaga shishanya jangan pecah bagai. bwek~

Mama kewl said...

Nvm...takpe, glad u enjoy taking care of da rendang & takin credit 4da taste...tak kan sekali ni je. Hari Raya Haji tak lama lagi & u can have the pleasure & take credit again...heheh

sis said...

hello, bukan raya haji kat cam/bath ke this year??? *tsk tsk* cook your fantastic rendang here lor!

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