Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Just Another Raya Greeting

Just got back from watching the Arfsenal - Hull City match..
Yeah, damn it. Arfsenal lost. At home. To Hull City pulak tu.
Okay all you Arfsenal haters. Flame me if you want. Flame Arfsenal if you want.
I've already received a few right after the whistle blew.
Damn you all.
Whatever you say, Arfsenal is still the best. (-_-)
Sometimes, hero pun kena kalah jugak sekali-sekala kan?

My raya mood is not hampered by the loss though. Still excited for raya. Not THAT excited, but hey, it's raya kan? So what's there not to be happy about?

It's already Sunday, but KL is still as busy as ever. There's still millions of cars around.
Wherever i go, there's always a bloody traffic jam.
What's even worse, nak keluar rumah pun jam!
What the hell is wrong with all these people? Go balik kampung la. Enough of raya shopping already. It's better that you save the money for the duit raya. heheh.

Oh, and by the way, i would like to thank all of you out there who wished me a happy hari raya. I've received quite a lot of wishes and e-greetings already. Thanks a lot. But i still prefer the ol'skool way though. Ol'skool' kad raya that is. So far, i've received one. That's considered a lot nowadays i guess. hahaha. Looks like the postman won't have that many mails to deliver this raya with all the e-greetings, e-mails, SMSes and what not.

Among the greetings that i've received looks like this.

Thanks, but i think it's boring. It's simple. Everybody sends it. It's not even personalized. You don't even have your name on it. Some more got the name of the website of the creator of the image.

One word. Stereotype.

So, kononnya nak lain daripada yang lain, i decided to create my own e-greetings for you. It may be simple, it may be different from the rest, but at least i'm not being stereotype. muahahaha.

Say whatever you want to say, but at least i'm happy with it. Simple, subtle, and the message is clear. No corny ketupats and no explosives/mercun. And you should be thankful enough that i am considerate enough to send it to you. Count yourself lucky eh? ahaha.

But then again, you can send whatever you want to me. I don't mind you being stereotypical or following the rest. I don't mind you sending another picture of a mosque or a ketupat. It's okay really. Thanks a lot for the wishes.

So, after all the dissing, i would like to really wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Seriously. That's pure honesty. From the bottom of my heart.
I may have offended you, you, you and you, purposely or not, either through this blog or through any other medium, or in any way that might offend or hurt you. I may have done bad things, or say stupid stuffs, or anything at all. Uh huh. That's deep man.
So, please forgive me.
And have a merry hari raya with your loved ones.

Call me vain. Call me anything. You can also puke.
This might not be the best greeting card ever, but at least you got the message or the true meaning straight from the sender right?
And at least it's "personalized" enough. ahahaha.


humbleandmodest said...

aku menyaksikan malam kemuncak kekalahan arsenal...

Izyan Darling said...

looks like somebody has a little too much time on his hands, huh? create one for me laaa!

dr.anonymous said...


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