Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 more days.

It's only Wednesday and i'm already feeling like a zombie. Again, my body clock is hay-wired. Haven't had a proper sleep since Sunday. And by saying proper sleep, it means at least 8 hours of sleep. Too many works, assignments, presentations and what not.
Lagi dekat nak cuti, lagi banyak kerja. (-_-)

But nevermind all that. The Barclays Premier League results has certainly lifted my spirits. In harsh times like these, it's always comforting to know that your beloved team won emphatically over the weekend, and went to the top of the table, while the so-called "big teams" just managed to secure a boring draw.

And who cares about piles of work when your team, consisting of kids, some even younger than me(-_-), just thrashed Sheffield United by 6 goals to the good last night? Oh, what a mood-lifter eh? eheheh.

Go Gunners. That's why i love Arfsenal and that's why you should too.

This Friday, the cuti will officially start. Albeit for a week, it is a much needed break.
As much as i'm looking forward towards the raya holidays, i can't help but feel kinda sad though, as some of my friends have already made their way back to their respective kampungs.

Yeah, one by one. Leaving. It's getting quieter and boring here.
Sometimes i wish i am a kampung folk, whose kampung is hundreds of miles away, so that i can truly appreciate the meaning of home. So that the song Balik Kampung is not just a sing-a-long song. But then again, naahh. No way. hahaha. Nevermind, i'll certainly be able to feel that feeling when i'm studying overseas nanti. hahaha

On the brighter side, the holidays are just a few days away! And a raya holiday at that! Now, that's why i'm really looking forward to this weekend. The puasa is almost ending, the festive mood will start to kick in, and the raya preparations will start too. And of course, the girlfy will be coming back this Friday too. All the more reason to get excited huh? wahahahaha

How time flies. Rasa macam baru je start puasa. Dah nak habis dah.
Haven't really got the chance to savour the month of Ramadhan and it's almost ending already. Yeah, as poyo as it may sound, that comes straight from the heart yo.

So, 2 more days.
Just 2 more days before this round of bloody workload ends.
2 more days before the real raya mood starts to kick in.
2 more days before saying goodbye to friends who are going back to kampung.
2 more days before the raya holiday starts.
And 2 more days to go before i can go and menggedik with the girlfy. woohoo.

And 2 more days it shall be..


nabel said...

okayyyy ure getting me all startled lah. baru terigt kot lg 2 days je!! omg omg omg (gelabah arief eh ayam)

Mama kewl said...

Awwww.....u can just go to Puduraya, take a bus & pay a visit to ur pah. She'll be thrilled to bits & u can help bakar lemang, kacau dodol or even catch the chicken for rendang..Not only will u be "arf anja pah" but every parents' dream son...heheh

humbleandmodest said...

xde nye aku nak bg komen dlm english....
cam arem..
letak ar pape kotak jerit kt blog ko....

humbleandmodest said...

ko da brape taun idup kt kl??
xdek bende laen ke ko nak miss?

Padan muka, tidur lagi.

Arief Arf said...

malas ar aku nak buat shout box tu..
bahaye ah..
n nanti byk sgt spam..

humbleandmodest said...

hot kah kamu??

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