Monday, September 22, 2008

Night train Nap

Last Friday, i went back home from college, as usual. It was not that late, around 10pm or so. I took the Putra LRT. Easier, faster, cheaper, and more importantly, because i don't actually have a car. (-_-).

So, after buying the ticket and stuff, i waited for the train. I took out my earphones, plugged it into my phone, and turned on some easy listening tracks. Smooth jazz. Kenny G, to be precise. No mood for XaXau or other eardrum-smashing tracks.

Got into the train, and i was lucky to find myself a seat. So, i sat down, and pretended to be asleep so that i don't need to give the seat to any elderly/disabled passenger. Or at the very least, i don't need to feel guilty for not giving the seat. Yeah, not in the mood for being a gentleman/hero. So, i closed my eyes, unaware of my surroundings and listened to some smooth jazz.

It was around 10pm, i had a heavy buka puasa before that, there's a lot more stations to go, and the music is so soothing and relaxing. So, i fell asleep.
Hmm.. you know where this is heading to, right?

When i woke up, the train was no more in the underground tunnel. I could see the bright lights from the road outside, and the crowd inside the train is slightly packed. Then, the train announced:

Stesen berikutnya, Jelatek. Next station, Jelatek.

Ah, shit. I was supposed to get down at Damai, two stations behind. Oh, what the hell, i thought. I'll just get down here and take the train back to Damai. As if this has never happened before. ahahah.

So, before the train stops, i quickly got up, and storm my way through the crowd, towards the door. There's a lot of people, so i better get ready earlier so that i won't be stuck inside and not be able to get out. Again, as if that has never happened before. (-_-)

Then, there's this guy in front of me, busy listening to his Ipod, and he did not gave me room to get out. Maybe he didn't hear me excusing myself. So, i tapped his shoulders. Then he gave me a very weird look. What the hell, i was just trying to get out, i'm not bothering you or anything. I didn't even push you. Nevermind, so after a few more pushes and some more excuse-me's, i managed to get to the door.

The train finally stopped. At Jelatek, of course. So, i waited for the door to open.
And waited.

Nothing happened. The door didn't open.

And everybody was staring at me. A long silence followed. All eyes on me. I could even hear their eyes blinking.


Only then, i realized. I was at the wrong side of the door. The opened door was actually the one at the other side.

Oh, yes. Now i remember. I'm at Jelatek. Not at Damai. At Damai, it's this side of the train. But at Jelatek it's the other side.

No wonder everybody was looking at me like there's a bomb strapped to my chest.
Oh, including that Ipod guy too.

Yela kan, what do you expect. I just woke up from a peaceful sleep. So, the brain signals are kinda slow lah kan. But how am i supposed to remember at which station does the door open on which side?
Padan muka, tidur lagi.

After that long pause of silence, i quickly barge through the crowd. I don't care if my bulky laptop bag hit someone in the face or anything, i just want to get out.
Dah la terlepas station, boleh pulak silap pintu kan.

I managed to get out, finally. With a red-face, of course. And not to mention sleepy-faced (but no air-liur basi okay).

And as i was walking out of the train, i saw this 2 cute chicks, looking at me.
They smiled at me, and then they laughed their pretty asses off.
Shit, malu nak mampos.

Damn, i felt like a bimbo.


mia said...

Yay! Arsenal won! Yay! They drew. Now we are at the top!

Hananeechan said...


Kaypoh said...

Nih la akibat tak nak beramal & pura2 tido...terus lena habih. Kan kalo berdiri, bagi seat tuh kat orang tua, pompuan ke, ko bukan exercise je pasti cam macho gile. lagi dapat pahala : bukan -ve. hahaha

Arief Arf said...

haha.. yeah. i still don't know who u r..


nak bwat camne.. ngantuk maa..
watpe nak kontrol macho pun, dah mmg macho dah pun..

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