Friday, September 19, 2008


Everybody sleeps. You sleep. I sleep. And some people sleep with each other.
Okay, that's not the main point.
How long do you usually sleep? Why do people sleep? And what type of a sleeper are you?
And no, this post is not a copy-paste-from-email type of post.

Sleeping is essential. Too little of it is bad for your health. Too much of it is bad for your brain. To me, there is no such term as "enough sleep". hahaha. It is always between not enough sleep, or too much of it (but i'm not complaining).

And then there is the so-called power naps. I'm not really a big fan of it, because you see, a power nap is actually a gamble. It will either really really recharge your body, or it may ruin the rest of your day. The most common form of power nap is when you sleep for around 30 minutes during the afternoon/lunch break. I don't think it's really a great idea because it's better that you eat first, and then sleep it off. hahaha

How do you wake up from your sleep? Do you wake up gradually, with snoozes and all, or do you abruptly end your sleep and jump straight up? I'm more of both actually. When i'm asleep, i'm not really fully asleep. I'm actually aware of my surroundings. I can still sometimes hear what people are saying and what are they doing while i'm sleeping. So, you can't really talk behind my back or try to steal my stuffs eh? And i'm also easily awaken by the littlest of sounds.

It's easy for me to wake up. Just knock on the door, and i'll wake up. The first sounds of the alarm clock wakes me up as well. Yes, that easy. But the problem is, whenever i wake up, there's this habit of procrastination which really bugs me. I wake up, turn off the bloody alarm clock (for your information, my alarm clock is set on my laptop, and it sounds soooo loud, considering my 5-in-1 speaker, and it is bloody annoying too), and then i go back to sleep.

That's the problem. No matter how many alarm clocks that i set, i will always go back to sleep after turning off the source of the sound. But that's not really the case when there's something important. It's all in the mind, actually. All about willpower. Hell yeah.

So why am i actually talking about this? Why sleep, as a topic?
It's because it's fun to see how people sleep, and how they react when they are disturbed. Some people, like me for example is easily awaken. But there's also this bloody group of people who just can't wake up no matter what type of alarm clock they use.

There's this friend of mine who also happens to have an annoying alarm clock too(it's just a phone alarm). It's loud. It's annoying. But the problem is, it is not effective on him. And that leaves me, who is easily disturbed by stupid sounds, to turn off the the bloody phone. There's this one time, the phone kept on snoozing while this thick-skulled friend of mine continued sleeping peacefully, which makes me tear the hairs out of my head. I couldn't stand it anymore, so i took the battery out of the phone and shut it up for good. And i swear if that happens again, i will just throw the phone out of the window. (-_-)

And here's the best one. This friend of mine, Mr. A was sleeping in a class. It was a small class actually, a tutorial, and not a lecture. He didn't care. All he wanted to do is just sleep. No, he did not snore in the class, that was Mr. C's habit, mind you. Mr. A was really so deep in his slumber, that even when the class is finished, he was still there, sleeping, in the same position as 2 hours ago.

The class is already empty. There's nobody else. It's just him, me, and another friend. I wanted to leave him all alone and let him wake up whenever he's ready, but then again, that's too boring, too high school. So, what did we do? We took photos of course! A lot of them actually.
This one is my pick.

I finally got bored of taking photos of the sleeping guy, so i woke him up and showed him the pic. What did he say?

"Stylo gila pic ni"

An honest opinion from someone who was sleeping peacefully, deeply and unconscious for 2 hours.
I guess there's a lesson for Mr. A.
Never sleep obliviously when you have a friend like me.


kesituakupergi said...

patut smangat ko kasi tahu aku ko ada post baru... ekekekeke...

Kaypoh said...

Kalo I tutor, kawan u tuh dah pasti kena throw out of class. Buat pa siksa diri duduk tido...bagi can kawan main je.

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