Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kasi Can la..

Where do you usually go for your buka puasa?
Do you break fast at home eating home-cooked food, buy from the bazaar Ramadhan, or do you eat out? I'm sure the first two options are the most common ones, as it's not everyday that you eat out right? Unless you don't have a home or you have so much money to spend, then that's fine lah.

I'm sure that you have buka puasa outside at least once this Ramadhan. Yes, it's nice sometimes to eat out. At the mall, or maybe some warung or even a hotel, right? But, with it comes a price. No, not the price of the meal. What i actually mean is the things that you have to go through just to buka puasa outside.

Sometimes, i think that it's better to eat at home, or just buy things from the pasar, rather than going through a lot of hassle just to buka puasa outside. Why?
  • You need to go out early.
  • You'll somehow get yourself stuck in the jam.
  • You have to queue to eat.
  • You have to be quick so that you can get a table (and also seats).
  • You have to sit at the restaurant and wait for about an hour before buka.
  • The place is just too crowded.
And the list goes on.

Yesterday, i went to Midvalley to break my fast there. A friend wanted to belanja me and my friends Pizza Hut, so we all gladly agreed. We reached there around 6.20 pm, and the queue is already miles long. Since a friend is paying, nobody is complaining. heheh. So, when our turn came, the waitress took our orders first and said that we will be given a table after this group of Indians leave. Okay, i thought, i don't mind. What's the purpose of staring at your food for 40 minutes anyway?

So, we waited and we waited. And we waited forever. This group is taking their bloody sweet time to eat, and drink, and wait for some other friends and bla bla bla. What the hell, it's already 6.50 pm and their pizza is untouched. To say that they are fasting is ridiculous, because they are happily drinking their colas and munching on their breadsticks.

I'm hungry, i'm thirsty, and i'm not guaranteed a seat, while watching my supposed-to-be seats being seated by this group, who is also taking all the time in the world to finish their meals. So, i decided to ask the waitress, are they leaving or not? The stupid waitress talks to another waitress, who in turn talks to another waiter, and they discussed among themselves for a bit and came back to me. By this time, i was furious.

Sorry la, kita tak boleh nak buat apa.

Fine, go to hell then. It's already 7 pm. I'm not waiting. And hell no i ain't gonna watch people break their fast in front of me and my friends while we are standing there and waiting like cows. So, we left Pizza Hut and went to Burger King instead. Too bad for Pizza Hut, as they already took our orders. Wether the order is already processed or not at that time, i don't give a shit. Serves you right.

Actually, it's not really the Pizza Hut's mistake. And hell no it's not mine either. The one who is to blame here is actually that group of Indians. Come on la, you know that during that time, Muslims break their fast. You know that anywhere in the mall it's gonna be packed, and the queue will be long.

So, why don't you eat some other time instead? You have all the time in the world to eat, why must you eat at that time? What, you want to feel the excitement of buka puasa, too? Don't give me bullshits.

The same thing applies to my college's warung. Whenever i feel lazy to go out and buy stuffs, and when the food in the dewan makan is so damn lousy, i would just go to the warung to buka puasa. And again, during that time, all the Chinese/Indian/Somalian will want to eat there. Kasi can la, people. It's not that we are prohibiting you from eating (we are the one's who are prohibited), it's just that we need to be given the priorities.

You can always eat at 6 pm or maybe around 8 pm, before or after the buka puasa. Not DURING the buka puasa. They even have the guts to complain that the warung's service is slow! You can eat anytime during the day, right? A little respect please?! If only i can tell each and everyone of them and get it in their thick skulls. It would be nicer if restaurants put up a notice saying:

"Priorities will be given to Muslims who are breaking their fast"

But then again, this will NEVER happen. Why? Either the owner of the restaurant does not have the balls to do it (because it might spark some negative/sensitive issues), or they just couldn't care less. Who cares about who eats what and when, all i know is that i will be making lots of profits!

So, there's really nothing that we could do, huh? All we can do is just fight to get a seat, or be a dumbass and watch them eat.

The conclusion? Eat at home. Save your time. Save your energy. Save your money.
And save the swearing for something/someone else.

Oh and by the way, the friend who wanted to belanja the pizza did not belanja the Burger King. So, we had to belanja ourselves.
All the more reason to be pissed off.


*iZa DoRa* said...

I totally agree with ur post!!and the title as laa kasik can tak..when its time to break our fast time tu laa diorang pon same sibuk nak u said..they have all the time in the world..perlu ke at that time??haiih..xde respect langsung..and if u go to bazaar ramadhan,they will eat or sip their drinks like nobody's biz..kite ni tertgk2 la die minum the icy cold drink..and yet kate nak merase suasana puasa???hmm..NOTTT..*sigh*

Izyan Darling said...

i was in Food Republic Pavilion yesterday and there were many non-fasting ppl eating. i thought, oklah, it wasn't even 630pm yet. but there was this family who sat next to my table (they were there 1st) and then after they had finished eating, d atuk, nenek, cucu and maid waited there at the table while d parents went elsewhere. they had obviously finished eating. they were there to wait. then there was this makcik who asked them whether they're still eating and they nonchalantly said that they're waiting for the rest. and that was almost 7pm! i was lucky i sat there b4 630 kalau x sure xde seat. and then there was another table full of non-fasting youngsters happily eating and took forever to eat! much for being in a harmonious, multi-racial country huh? as if la they would die if they didn't eat at that hour, right?

mypc2u said...

about your shades@"kaca mata"..
can u name the person that make your shades lost??
really want to know him.. =p

Arief Arf said...

im glad that i'm not the only person going thru this shit..
yes, it is disturbing isn't it?
there are no ground rules or anything about it, but this is where respect and tolerance comes in.
i guess that there's not much left.

Kaypoh said...

Tu lah takde joy lansung bbuka luar awal, duduk tunggu meja tengok orang makan. Gi lambat, beratur & tak tentu ada meja. Nak gi hotel, tak mampu! Dah tu pahala puasa hilang kerana hilang sabar & mula menyumpah2....confirm: -ve pahala! hahaha

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