Monday, September 15, 2008

The Shades

I love shades/sunglasses/kacamata hitam. I don't know what you call it, but i'm more comfortable using the word "shades". I own a lot of them. I wear them on a lot of occasions, mainly driving, going to the sea, travelling, or i just wear them to protect my eyes from the harmful rays of sunshine. Yeah.

I don't wear my shades to make me look good. Of course i look good wearing it, but that's not the main point since i look good in general, with or without shades, period. Puke if you want.
I don't wear shades to cover my eyes, my eyebags or panda eyes or whatever a bad-eye-day can turn me into.

Some people wear shades to the mall, at night, or even to the waterfall. Some people wear shades to cover their swollen/red eyes after taking party pills or any of those shitstuffs. I don't, and i think those people are stupid.

So, why the story about the shades? Well, it's because a good friend of mine has lost my shades. My favourite one at that. Great, huh?

It was a few weeks ago, and now i'm starting to miss my shades. There's this one night, i drove the Kancil Turbo alone, without my friends, going somewhere-somewhere. I brought along my favourite shades, and i accidentaly left it in the car. After returning the car to the owner, i went home, and i forgot about the shades. Oh, nevermind. What could happen anyway huh?

But then again, the next morning, this group of friends of mine went to the waterfall called Sungai Chilling. I did not manage to follow as i have some things to do at home. So, to go to the Sungai Chilling, of course the Kancil Turbo would be the victim. And my shades is inside the Kancil Turbo, left unattended, sitting prettily on the dashboard of the Kancil Turbo.

This particular friend of mine, Mr. C, is a very curious person. He knows that the shades belongs to me, and he damn well knows that how pissed i am gonna be if he breaks/loses my shades. Or any other of my stuff.

For your information, i really take good care of my stuffs, and i don't like people using my stuffs without my permission, no matter how small it might be. I don't like it when people simply takes my stuff without my permission, as i said earlier. A good example would be my 3-in-1 coffee, my clothes hanger, and stuffs like that. I told you i'm very particular, no matter how small it might be. Oh, and my speakers too. When i'm not around, especially the weekends, some of these friends would go to my place, and turn the bloody speakers loud while playing geli songs like Rindu Serindu-rindunya by Spoon. WTF????

Now, back to the shades thingy. This Mr. C happily wears my favourite shades to the waterfall, without me knowing it. No harm really huh? He even took photos and all. Okay, nevermind. Kasi can la. I don't really mind since you're a really good friend of mine.

So, the next day when i came back, i asked the owner of the Kancil Turbo about my shades (I don't know anything that time, yet). He told me to ask Mr. C. Okay then.
I asked Mr. C. He startled. And he made this so-called-innocent smile that supposedly makes me cair. No, Mr. C, I won't buy that.

He finally told me that he lost my shades. He LOST my favourite shades. Now, that's hard to swallow. He said that he wore the shades to the waterfall. And while busy doing i don't care what, he said that he saw the shades floating away in the violent waters of the waterfall. And he lets it float just like that. And he knows how i'm gonna react to that. But he did nothing.

All he could do now is apologize and buy me a new one. Hell no, i won't easily let you go. So, after some talks and persuasions, i finally admitted the fact that my favourite pair of shades is gone, forever. No amount of money can replace that thing. I don't care if you buy me a RM800 Oakley shades or a RM10 Bukit Bintang shades, it's still not the same.

Sigh. Poor thing, my shades. It has been serving me for a few years already. If i'm not mistaken, i bought it in London, or somewhere in Europe. Just like a bra supporting a woman, that shades have been sticking on to me and supporing me through thick and thin. And now it's gone. And not because of me pulak tu! Grrrrr...

Nevermind, i'll use my other shades, or i'll find myself a new pair of shades. I don't mind the price or the brand, as long as it fits me and fits on all occassions, i'm pretty fine with that. So, to the readers, if you have some extra cash you don't know how to spend on, you know what to buy. ahahaha.

To my favourite shades, you might be in the deep waters of the Sungai Chilling, or may even picked up by an Orang Asli, or wherever you might be, thank you for your services. I will always remember you. Rest in peace.

So, there are 2 lessons. One for you and one for me.

My lesson: Do not leave your stuffs where your friends people can easily use/break/lose it. Keep it safe.

Your lesson: Never use/break/lose my stuffs, or hell will break loose.


clive said...

till the day i die lah kes ni di-raisekan over and over again...-_-

xpe xpe
blaja dari pengalaman
pas ni xnak menggatal curious g

jgn marah,nanti nyanyikan syair untuk ko...hahahahah

ataupun lagu Selmat pagi ngan guitar untuk ko. :P

Arief Arf said...

i'm not done yet.

LyLa LaLa said...

saba2..cian gile bace stori u nie..
now i know how u take care of ur time dont left it inside the kancil turbo or anywhere else.. ;p

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... how can you say dat ur shades is like the woman's bra??? Ladies out there, any objection?

Kaypoh said...

Tak ke selalu bila nak turun kapal terbang ke ada announcement " sila pastikan tidak ada barang anda tertinggal?" Ohhh... doesn't apply to a kancil ye?

Mama kewl said...

Puhleese...Leaving ur shades in da car or leaving it behind & not taking it with you, is not taking good care of ur stuffs.....tsk tsk tsk.

Hananeechan said...

i think i can imagine Mr C's face reaction when u asked him bout the shades..hikhik~

jodoh x pnjng aa tuh~ =p

Mr. Ombak said...

al fatihah kepada shades tersebut

Arief Arf said...

tu la.. after dis no more leaving anything in the kancil turbo.. huhuhu

aha, well dats my opinion. and looks like the ladies aren't saying anything bout it either. hahaha

dats y la, usually got reminder, but this time no reminder ma, so dats y forgot lo..

mama kewl,
err, it was left there accidentally. tak sengaja. haihh..

yeah, im sure u do huh?

Mr. ombak,

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