Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football madness

The Barclays Premier League resumed this weekend, after a long break of international matches. And now the BPL is back in full swing.
And boy, what a great footballing week it has been.

The early kickoff saw Manchester United and Liverpool square off against each other. And yes, Manchester United LOST to Liverpool, 2-1.
Hell yeahh!
If i'm not mistaken, this is the first time Manchester United lost to Liverpool in 7 years! Who cares, as long as they lose, right?

Although i'm not feeling too well lately, this result surely gave me a huge lift!
Padan muka Manchester United and their supporters.
Berbatov who?

And for the next match, between Arfsenal and Blackburn, it's even better! Arfsenal won a potentially tricky away match by thumping 4 goals past Blackburn Rovers, with Adebayor scoring a hat-trick. Neat.
Arfsenal are back to their best, and there's a lot more to come, i'm very sure.

Anything else that happens in the BPL is not really much of importance to me. All i know is that when Manchester United loses, and Arfsenal wins, it surely means that it's gonna be all smiles for me. heheh

Go go Arfsenal!


nabel said...

hey i just posted the same thing petang td! muahahah! go reds! gile lah.

Arief Arf said...

ape plak reds nye. who cares bout the reds.
gooners forever.

*iZa DoRa* said...

im for walcott and persie..haha..way to go arsenal!!!!....ahakz...what a perfect opening by arsenal!!

Anonymous said...

MU sucks! I'm all for the gunners...

Anonymous said...

Once a Gunner, forever a Gunner!

Yeah, Berba who?? I loathe the beruk no 7. Thank God dia injured. Hopefuly he will stays on the bench for the rest of his life. Best Player of the Year konon... my ass! -mia-

Arief Arf said...

i was expecting some manu fans to voice out actually, i never knew dat thers quite a lot of my readers who r arfsenal supporters..
good good..

btw anonymous 2, u are..?
mia? who eh?

Mia said...

MIA who loathes Man U. And i personally think that The Beruk No.7 is sooo overrated.

Arsenal rock my world!

Cheers mate!

leeloo said...

arfsenal. pfft. i wanna puke.

Arief Arf said...

aha, finally an arfsenal hater.
n u are..?

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