Saturday, September 13, 2008

Makhluk Malam

There's this game i play, which is Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Okay, i'm not gonna tell you about the gameplay or how to play it or anything that might be boring to non-gamers, but there's this one character in this game that i just got to share with you.

This character/hero is The Night Stalker, whose name is Balanar. Aha. This hero is pretty unique and interesting in its own way. This hero is very powerful during the nighttime. He walks very fast, attacks really really fast, and is very active during the night.

But during daytime, this Balanar guy is just rubbish. He is slow, his powers are less effective, he walks like a snail, and can't really do much actually. But still, given a good item and good playing strategy, he can still be effective during the daytime, which is quite hard to accomplish.

So, why am i telling you a story about the Night Stalker?

Basically, me and my mates have been living the Balanar life for the past week. hahaha.

At night, our activities include:

  • Futsal
  • Play games
  • Go out. Jalan-jalan
  • Eat eat eat eat and eat some more
  • Lepak.
  • Shisha
  • Internet
  • Do nothing
  • Disturb other people
  • Watch movies/series/dramas/you-name-it
  • And of course, STUDY. ehem.
Daytime, there's almost no activities. The only activity during daytime is:
  • Sleeping
  • Go to class. Again, ehem.

Just like the Balanar isn't it? From dusk till dawn, all of these creeps go out and start their activities, and will only sleep 10 seconds before sunrise.
Just as the sun is about to shine, and the as the ray of sunlight is about to creep in, alright everybody, close the curtains, turn off the music,
it's tido time.

Yes, what a life these Balanars are living. Unique, interesting, yet risky and full of adrenaline. This way of living is mainly because of the assignments, tests, work, you-name-it-we-have-it.

Even though for the past week, we have been living this way, still, our missions are accomplished. Nothing is broken, attendances are full, works and assignments - done, and all tests - answered. Not that bad after all, huh? How we managed to do all that is none of your business. muahaha.

But the Balanar lifestyle has surely taken it's toll, though.
Fevers, coughs, flus, headaches, migraine, everything.
And finally, the long-awaited weekend has arrived.

Now it's time to reset my hay-wired body clock all over again(which means, a whole lot more sleeping.. right?)

*dives onto bed*


Clive Einstein said...

xleh tido time malam,itu orang tue ckp wasteful...
kalau bangun siang kat um pon,nak watpe...
dahla panas,dan panas...dan panas,kalau compare time malam,waaa...heaven...
banyak aktivit leh wat...
kalau tido kol 10 ke 11 ke,memang ar...bosan giler kot

viva la Balanar!

kaypoh said...

Camne ni? Solat terawih & many2 solaht sunat....tsk tsk tsk confirm la - pahala minus points!

Anonymous said...

balanar-the night stalker x gune beb..try the new balanar-the void demon from fun tavern..lg syok..buat 2 basher konpem x grak..btw nice blog u got here..

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