Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Moneyshot?

When living in a place with other people, in my case, the college, there will be times when you encounter different cultures, different mindsets and many weird and new stuffs.
But there's this one particular thing that annoys me.

Whenever i want to use the toilet, there will ALWAYS be people using it. That's okay, since all of us are sharing the same facilities. The toilet in my college is usually packed during the normal peak times. Right now, the in-thing is to go to the toilet after berbuka puasa. Okay, i'm fine with that. I guess everybody wants to do their business or bathe or clean up before praying or do whatever they want.

But lately, during this month of Ramadhan, i observed that the toilet is packed a few minutes before the imsak, which is the start of the fasting period for the day. Now, i wonder, why is the shower cubicle is always occupied during this time? It seems like at that time, the person(s) using the toilet is(are) in a rush.
I made a theory, and told a friend,

Ala, biasa la tu. Nak imsak kan, mesti la nak mandi wajib dulu. hahaha

(If you don't know what mandi wajib is, ask around)

Being a very good person with no bad thoughts of other people whatsoever, he told me that it is not good to think bad of other people and bla bla bla. Whatever. Right. The curiosity ends there.

But then again, looks like the theory is going to be put to test, errr.. involuntarily.

A few minutes before imsak, i went to the toilet, after drinking some algae-flavored water from the water cooler.
The toilet, or jamban okay, not the shower.
And by the way, the shower cubicle is occupied, and someone is bathing at that time.
Who cares.
As i entered the toilet, i saw a shaver, with hairs on it, on the tissue holder or whatever you call that thing.

I wouldn't want to think what type of hair is on the shaver, who does it belong to, nor am i curious enough to find out. I closed an eye, and proceed to lift the toilet seat. Luckily, it's clean.

Suddenly, i felt a sticky sensation on my fingers. What the..
Again, gross.

I examined my hands. It's not yellow, nor is it brownish/chocolatey colored.
It's pale-whitish.

I don't know what got into my mind at that time, i proceed to smell the sticky substance on my fingers.


Guess what, air mani.

I just fucking touched, and even sniffed some bloody bastard's cum!
Damn, i felt disgusted. I felt cheap!
That's what i get for being overly curious, huh.

After vigourously cleaning/scrubbing/sterilising my hands with all the types of soaps i can get my hands on, the guy who is bathing came out of the shower. Looking all fresh and bright. Fuck you, you sick bloody wanker.

I looked at him by the reflections of the mirror, while still cleaning/scrubbing/sterilising my hands again.
I thought to myself, you'll pay for this, man.
You'll seriously pay for this...
I'll have my payback.

On the brighter note,
My theory is proven right after all.

What a way to start my day.


CLIVE said...

yang ko g hidup sape suruh?
ade ke patut?
kalo ye pon tu bukan air mani pon,dah bende tu kat jamban.mesti ar menjijikan.zzz.
tuh pon nak ajo...

CLIVE said...

*salah type*
spatutnyer...*yang ko g sentuh sape suruh"*hahahahha

Kaypoh said...

Remember one of the Ah Beng jokes? Saw shit on the ground. Since not sure what it is, picked a bit with his finger, smelt it & still not sure, tasted's shit alright!
Another Ah Beng in the making???

.... said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, hello...told by someone there's a new bloke on the blog. Just checking....kinda like ur style!

Arief Arf said...

tak sengaja kot..
time ngantuk kan, so terrrr la..

not ah beng lah..
arf beng perhaps?


thanx a lot..
keep on coming for more posts..
and u are...?

Anonymous said...

arip ko sempat rs x bende tu. ape rs? manis ke masin? haha....

nabel said...

omg so frreaking gross. nak muntah kadar rakus. goodness, people nowadays. ramadhan does not evolve around imsak n fast breaking jela oiiiii. omg. hahaha. double strike on 'err' posts eh ;p

humbleandmodest said...

pakcik neyh da ade blog skarang.....
congret lerr.......


Mama kewl said...

OMG! Eauwwwwww! Bwek! How can u smell it? Not taste?....sure or not? Apo kono eh jang?

Anonymous said...

Tsk. tsk. tsk. pahala bulan puasa?....minus points! hahaha

*iZa DoRa* said...

OMG EUWHHHHH EUWHHHHHH.....EUWHHHH BIG TIME...hello bro...y la go and smell it..hadoi laa....
lesson #1:never try to touch or smell anything if u rase or jumpe anything in the toilet...

Arief Arf said...

xsengaja la people..
i dono y but somehow automatic tros TER-bau pulak..
ok ok, point noted.
lesson learned.

Mr. Ombak said...

ahha! kalu ko secara unconcious pegi hidu n sentuh bende tu, namanya ko tgh dalam proses berevolusi nk jd gay doh~

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