Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holy Shit!

A few nights ago, i went to a bank in PJ. Right before stepping into the bank, i saw something which is not only disturbing, but also rude and unethical.

I took this photo from inside the bank. Can you see what are they doing?
At a first glance, it may look like the couple is checking on their tyre pressure. haha. But then again, look closely. There's another being in there, which is the daughter. No, you can't see the face of the daughter, but what you see there is actually her ass.

The daughter is shitting right over there, and the proud parents are gladly helping her to do her business, while being oblivious to their surroundings. Come on now, is it so hard to go to a bloody toilet? There's of course a mamak stall just across the street. An for a girl that small, shouldn't she be wearing a diaper?

When i was taking this photo, the mother of the shitting child even dared to give a cold look towards me, as if trying to say,
What you looking-looking? Mind your own business lah, don't be so kaypoh lah!

Am i the one who's guilty now? What the hell right, who cares, you should be ashamed of yourself, your husband and your shitfaced daughter!
So, i took more pictures instead. And post it in this blog. Serves you right.

The mother then wipes her daughter's ass, puts the girl into the car, while the hubby looks over, and just drove off. Just like that. Oh, and they left the present there too.

So, is this how parents these days teach their young ones? Is this how we are brought up?
Isn't there any feeling of shame, or guilt?
If this is the kind of upbringing the girl is having, god knows what will happen to her when she grows up. By the age of 9, she'll be peeing at the back of her school's classroom.

That's the problem with kids these days. Their attitude is wrong. They don't have any respect to anybody anymore. There is no humility. Why?
Don't blame it on the school, don't blame it on friends' influence, or even the government.
Blame the parents.

Luckily, i was brought up by the best parents a child could ask for, where moral values and ethics are very important. So, you won't find me doing that kind of thing in the public. LOL.

And lastly, being a very curious person that i am, i decided to take a look at the "crime scene" after the the "shit family" has left.
A present for a supposedly lovely Ramadhan night.

Baby poop. How cute.


Izyan Darling said...

disgusting, isn't it? tell u what, why do't u post this pic to The Star. mana tau dapat 50bux just like that. i seriously think they will publish this pic. but if dapat, give me some la eh? lol. hey i was there what.

Mama kewl said...

Eewwwww...how gross! Cute baby poo? Lucky, it's not breaking fast time or sahur.....or else I'll puke!

Kaypoh said...

Yeah, disgusting! Bad upbringing! Dat's y these days u find many guys stopping by the highways, irrespective of time,turning their backs & peeing unashamedly like animals. Will there come a time when woman will do the same....heaven forbid!

Anonymous said...

arep penjejak taik..
teruskan usaha anda

sis said...

gross big time ok! i've got this video email where this one woman pees on the road and then came an old man, sepak buntot dia dari belakang! serves her right! tapi bukan kat msia la. now msia pun dah mcm ni ke? horrible!

Arief Arf said...

welcome to the 3rd world everybody.

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