Saturday, September 6, 2008

The story of the Kancil Turbo 2

Enough of Ramadhan stories.

A few days before Ramadhan, and also before Merdeka, i went out with a friend, using the Kancil Turbo of course. It was around 1 am. I wanted to go back home for a while to take some stuffs. So, we went out, not knowing what lies ahead.

The journey back home from UM is just around 15 minutes. No traffic. No cars. No swearing.
This time, i took a different route from which i used to take. Since my friend wants to see the bright lights of the city instead of the boring tree-view, i took a different road. Pudu via KL Sentral.

Now, it's in the wee hours of the morning, and it's a Thursday night, and we are driving near the Pudu area. What do we get? Police road-blocks.

Weh, camne ni, sticker P takde kat kereta ni.

Ah, belasah sudah.

But somehow, luck is on our side. The road block is on the other side of the road. Phew.

So, we continued and i went straight home. I took my stuffs and put it on the worned-out, back seat of the car and head back to UM again. And again, this friend of mine makes another request. He wants to shisha pulak. Ok then, off to Bukit Bintang.

Not only shisha, he also bought a few pieces of chicken from KFC to feed his stomach a.k.a. the bottomless pit. So, after we had enough of our shisha session, we head back. Since we are already in the Bukit Bintang area, i figured that it's faster to go back UM via KL Sentral, which also means via Pudu.

Which also means.... back to the road block. Nice.
I slowed down.

Aduh, lupa la pulak kat sini ada road block.

Then, we waited in line, slowly, nervously waiting for our turn. Looks like the policeman is in a good mood tonight. He seems to be letting every car pass just like that.
The first car passed just like that.
The second car also passed just like that.
The policeman takes a closer look to the third car but lets it pass.
And then came my turn.
The man in the uniform looks suspiciously at me and my suddenly innocent-looking friend.
He looks at the car, inside the car and the backseat.

Lesen mane dik?

Ni cik.

Hmm.. Ni Lesen P. Stiker mane?

I glanced to my friend.
Damn, he was busy munching on his KFC.

Err, tak cik. Ni pinjam kereta kawan ni. Tadi balik rumah kejap. Ambik barang.

Ni nak pergi mana ni?

Ni nak balik universiti ni cik. Universiti Malaya.
(Note the full name. LOL)

Ish. Tak kisahla kau bawak kereta bapak kau ke, kereta atuk kau ke, nenek sedara kau ke,
kalau dah lesen P tu tampal la sticker!

Maaf cik.

Lain kali jangan nak kurang ajar jalan kat atas jalan raya macam ni.

Baik cik. Maaf banyak-banyak cik.

Dah, jalan.

Pheeeewwwww. Thank heavens. Luck is really really on my side. What a mixed feeling i'm having. Nervous but happy. Unlucky yet lucky enough. Of all the cars, why did the police tahan us? Is it because of me? Or the sight of my friend eating his KFC? Or maybe it's because of the Kancil Turbo itself. It is a sight to behold, no doubt.
But why did he let us pass? Is it because of us looking so cute and innocent? Or maybe the stuffs on the backseat? But most probably the policeman is tempted by the KFC.

We laughed our asses off and then sped off along the road.
Just about a minute or so, there's a traffic light. Green and turning into yellow.
Oh, what the heck, the road block is back there, why bother?
Who cares, just drive on. There's nobody else on the road.

*Flash* *Flash*

Great, i must have been so excited i forgot to smile and say cheese to the camera.

The next morning, this bloody friend of mine told the story to the owner of the Kancil Turbo. Luckily, he's not mad. He even laughed. But then he showed me an SMS from the PDRM, or was it JPJ. Whatever.

Jumlah Saman anda terkini: RM 150.


CLIVE said...

bottomless pit...zzzz..-_-

p.s. i bukak sorang kat bilik,no fren to bukak

Arief Arf said...

hahaha, kat sini gak ko nak mengemokan diri.

nabel said...

ha ha! gile lah. so sad. n the policeman slalu asks for my IC instead of my licence. mcm igt i org mane la kan. bodo gils eh. haha btw helloooo arf. nabel here :)

Arief Arf said...

sbb u cam minah indon kot, dats y la.

Kaypoh said...

Ah ha! pushing ur luck too far la ni. Dah lah dah lepas road block tu...(suppose buat muka welfare la tu) & bolih memecut beat traffic light lagi. Patut offer la Kfc kat polis tu, takde lah kena lecture..hehehe

Mama kewl said...

Mujur lah tau jadi humble2 & tak berlagak or else kena seret ke polis station...& beraya dlm lokap le?

CLIVE said...

hahaha...pelakon2 pandai wat muke innocent,heheheh

kalo nak kuang aja ngan polis tuh,memang cari nahas la tuh


Izyan Darling said...

don't u dare do such antics with my CLK! kalau tiba2 i receive a saman, i know where it comes from! and in the event that you guys kena tahan by the police, no way am i gonna bail you out. simply because itu adalah nahas yang ditempah sendiri. muahahahahaha.

Arief Arf said...

of coz i am humble ok..
im the humblest person i know..

n sis, dun worry bout ur CLK (Cute Little Kancil). It's in good hands.

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