Thursday, September 4, 2008

Arf's Ramadhan Weight Loss Programme

Since it's the month of Ramadan, i figured out that it would be nice and fitting to post about a weight loss scheme. No, this is not an advert nor it is a scam. hahaha. The creator of this diet is of course, me. I made this diet for myself a few years long time ago(when i was fat plump), and it really works for me. Basically, the diet is started at the month of Ramadhan. I'm not sure why, but somehow it acts like a catalyst. LOL

This diet is simple, easy to follow, not too tough, doesn't require any money, and most importantly, it's effective.

To start things off, all you need to do is to fast/puasa. Simple, right? The next two parts are the most crucial, which is the workout part, and the breaking of fast part.

The Workout

Let me remind you, this is not just about the diet. You can starve yourself to death, but only lose 1kg, or you can just control your eating habits and exercise at the same time to lose many many kgs. Choose one.

I won't list what types of exercises that you should do since i am not a Physical Exercise teacher. All you need to do is some stretchings, lots of sit-ups and some push-ups. These exercises are best done at around 5-6 pm for at least 30 minutes, which is a few hours before berbuka. And it's better if you can do it earlier so that you can have more time to queue at the Char Kuey Tiow stall at the bazaar Ramadhan and curse lesser in the traffic jam going back from the stalls.

The berbuka part

Now, this is the most crucial part of the programme. You have only 30 days(max) of fasting, so you better grab this opportunity. The rule is simple. Do not overeat, that's all. You can drink gallons of drinks, but for god's sake, do not eat that much. Eat just as much as you would normally eat during a normal meal, or even lesser than that. It might sound rubbish, but trust me, you won't die (or even starve).

Eat slowly and about 10 minutes into gorging your meal, stop for a while and take a deep breath. This is to let your stomach send a signal to your brain to let it know that you are full or not. If you are a thickhead, or if so happens you have a very thick skull on your head, you might need to give some extra time for the signal to reach your brain.

So basically, you don't just eat. You eat and think at the same time. If you think that thinking is too hard to do while eating, then you are better off staying fat.

So, that's it. Easy right? All you need to do is just follow the tips i mentioned, and i can guarandamntee you that you will lose a few kgs(if not more).
Owh, and a piece of advice: It is not advisable for those of you who wants to try this programme to go to the bazaar Ramadhan. Let others go and buy for you. heheh.

And no, going to the bazaar Ramadhan is NOT a form of exercise.


Kaypoh said...

Yup, ur right! Combine all 3 & hey presto! u'll be slim. Determination is da key - if there's a will there's a way.
I like the part: let others go to the bazaar ramadham. Result: you'll be slim but your wallet will be thinking, fellar. hahaha

Mama kewl said...

Surely, u want someone huggy2? Slim means "nice to look at but not nice to hold" hahaha.
What u lose in da month of Ramadhan, u will put on double in the first 10 days of Syawal with the irresistible spread & open houses...& there's 20 more days to go. How lor?

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