Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ramadhan oh Ramadhan

Well, it's that time of the year again!
Ramadhan is back! The fasting month is now upon us.
This is the time where the foodstuff will be the main topic. Oh, the bazaar Ramadhan, everybody's favourite evening hangout place. heheh.
This month, things will not be the same as before. No more eating, no more smoking, and of course, no more doing things that can batal the puasa, heheh.
This month, the mornings will be lazy, the afternoons will be even lazier, but the evenings will be full of anticipation(of what to eat, of course!).

The month of Ramadhan will also be full of challenges, i'm sure.
If lately, it has been raining almost every afternoon, i'm very sure that this month will be one of the dryest month, LOL. And don't forget the evening rush, the traffic jam, the packed bazaar Ramadhans, and also the packed food outlets.

Ramadhan is also the month for doing good deeds. This is the month for us to save more, to learn the hardship that some people go through each day, to cleanse your soul and do every other good deed that you can. I'm not saying that you should not do good things during any other month, but this is the month where people will most likely be at their best behaviour. Yes, i know, i'll try my best to go to the terawih, i'll try my best to curse less(that's hard) and also not to eat twice my size for berbuka, heheh.

And one more thing, this month is also the best time for those of you who wants to stay in shape, or diet. Trust me, this is the time where you really want to start/kickstart/restart your diet programme. If you can manage to curb your lust for food during this time, you'll lose at least, i guarantee, 5kgs by the end of the month( but make sure you don't lose it during the raya).

So basically, the fasting month is a really really great month because:
  • There will be no eating during daytime.
  • There will be no smoking during daytime.
  • There will be no less cursing and swearing.
  • A lot of money can be saved.
  • A lot of time can be saved. (You waste a lot of time just by eating)
  • You can lose weight
  • There will be less crime. (!?)
So, to all the readers, i wish you all Selamat Berpuasa, and for those non-Muslim friends of mine, come and join the fun of puasa! Not only it is beneficial in many ways, it is also a challenge, and a great fun too!

Kick those syaitan away, and start fasting!
And finally, no ponteng-ponteng or puasa setengah hari, ok?

1 comment:

Kaypoh said...

We are into the 10th day of fasting & how good are you at your proposals of being good? Theoretically, you sound great....hope you are practising it. hehehe.
I like how you put your thoughts into words...interesting read.

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