Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hey, today is the 30th of August, which means today is also the eve of Merdeka! Tonight, there will surely be a lot of celebrations and parties all over Malaysia. I'm not sure where will i be celebrating tonight (if there will be any). How about you? Will you be watching the fireworks live, or on the TV, or maybe just sit home, do nothing and let the day go by like any other day?

Whatever your choice might be, it reflects on your view on Merdeka itself.
So, what Merdeka actually means to you?
Freedom? Independence? No more British ruling the country? No war?
Well, the definition of Merdeka can vary for each and every person in Malaysia, or even the world.
To me, the most important thing is that our minds should be Merdeka-ed. Free your mind. Be different and don't be afraid. Think out of the box.
Only then can you achieve success and survive in this cruel, cruel world. hohoho.

and take a look at this picture.

Is this what you call Merdeka?
Think about it.

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