Monday, October 27, 2008

The story of Double 6 Double 9, and the Triple 6, Nine

Another late post. Should have posted this earlier, but since i am so busy celebrating Deeparaya studying, i did not have much time, to blog. hahaha.

So, in the last post, i said that i'll tell you the story about the Maxis-Celcom thingamajiggy, right?

Actually, i wanted to change from Maxis to Celcom for quite a long time already. From Hotlink, to be precise. Why? Because it's bullshit. They say that the prepaid plan is the cheapest lah, the best lah, and whatever lah, but actually that is all bullshit, to me that is. I rarely SMS, what more call the people outside of my so-called Activ10, or whatever. But still, my credit seems to dissapear just like that.

Sometimes i tried to calculate how much do they actually charge for my calls, as they say it is flat rate all across the country or whatever. I called a friend, whose number is not a Central number, and i called for LESS than a minute. And they charged me RM 0.80 for that. WTF? And one time, i called a friend, whose number is Celcom, and got into his voicemail. By 2 seconds, i hung up. And it costs me 69 bloody cents!

So, i finally decided to change to Celcom Postpaid. Executive Plan with 1+5 thingy. I went straight to the Menara Celcom (it was near my house by the way) with the girlfy, so that i won't have to deal with the branches and other stuffs that might take a long time to process.
At first, i wanted to take up the MNP program, where you can use your Maxis number, and convert it to a Celcom line, which means, my number will still be the same, but now a Celcom line. Interesting. I don't have to tell people that i've changed my number or anything. My number will still be the same. Very interesting.

But then again, to apply for that thing, i would have to wait for around a week, and then some other tnc's. Since i'm in no mood for waiting, i opted to take a new number instead, and i can use it instantly. So, me and the girlfy had the opportunity to choose our own number, by giving the last 4 numbers or the first 3 numbers that we wanted.

In my hands huh?

And this is where the whole process seems like forever. Both of us kept arguing on what number to choose, and yada yada. We chose the last 3 numbers, and so what we did was just look for some nice first 4 numbers. After more than half an hour of choosing and arguing, we finally managed to find a really really good number.

The number was
019-6699xxx and 019-6669xxx

xxx = the last 3 numbers that we have chosen.

Nice numbers. And both of us wanted to take the first one. Yes, easier to pronounce. Double six, double 9, xxx. And so, we fought and argued and what not. Finally, it had to be settled with the classic "one-two jus". Yeah, who cares if everybody's watching. Who cares what will the ever so patient officer will say. So, 5 rounds of "one-two jus". And as expected, i lost.
Okay fine, i'll take triple six, nine, xxx. Not that bad after all la kan. 666 is the number of the devil kan, so sesuai la kan? LOL.

After writing all the necessary details and all, i'm still tak puas hati with my number. Then, i demanded to scour for a new, more interesting number. Punya la sibuk sangat kisah nombor. The girlfy agrees, and we went on to check for more numbers. Then i thought to myself,
Baik ambik je nombor ni cepat. Karang cari-cari baru tak jumpa yang lawa, nanti nombor yang dah pilih tu orang lain pulak ambik.
So, finally, we took the numbers.
The double 6 double 9, and the triple 6, nine.

Not that bad after all, at least it rhymes, it has less repeating numbers, and i have the same last 3 numbers with the girlfy. Nice huh?
So, i became the primary line, while the girlfy takes the supplementary line plan.

So, we went out of the Menara Celcom, and went for an evening tea, as it was already around 5pm, where the bloody mad rush hour begins. And with rain, of course.

While in the car, my phone rang (no, the new number is not yet activated until 3 hours later). Unfamiliar number. But familiar voice. Oh, the Celcom guy just now.

Encik Mohammad Arief ye? Ni saya dari Celcom. Yang register nombor tu tadi.

Hmm. Okay, this doesn't sound good. What the hell does he want? I paid already right?

Ni ada masalah sikit la. Nombor yang encik nak tu tadi sebenarnye dah ada orang ambik la.

Macam mana pulak boleh macam tu?!

Ni system ni update die lambat sikit la. Database die update lambat sikit. Sorry ye encik. Nombor tu dah ade orang ambik lebih kurang sejam sebelum encik datang.

La, habis macam mana pulak? Dah bayar semua dah.

Encik pilih nombor baru la. Nombor yang untuk supplementary tu masih ada, cuma nombor encik je yang tak ada.

Okay, now that pissed me off real hard. Why me? Why my number? Why the number that i chose? Why not someone else?
Of all people subscribing a new Celcom line that time, why me?? What are the fucking odds?

After some lengthy discussions, both me and the girlfy decided to change to a new number. At least it's fair, huh? Lucky that the girlfy agreed though. hahaha.
So, we repeated the same process again.
Choose a new number. Give the last 3 or first 4.
But this time via SMS with the Celcom officer, while sipping hot Milo on a rainy evening. How nice.

In the end, we got a sucky number. Malas nak pilih dah.


xxxx = last 4 numbers that we chose.

See? Now not nice oredi. No more double 6 double 9. No more triple 6 or number of the devil or whatever, and no more nice rhymes. So, both of us changed to that number. With different but near numbers in the xxxx, of course.

Bak kata pepatah Melayu,
Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang digendong berciciran.
Last-last dapat sampah.

So much for the "It's in your hands" tagline.
Celcom, you scored -69 on my first impression counter.

But then again, flashy numbers are just for show. As if people will remember your number no matter how "nice" it is. All you get is just a good first impression when you're telling them your number. At the end of the day, no matter how beautiful your number is, they will all end up in a phone book. When people call you, they search for your name, not your beautiful number.
So i guess, it's not that bad after all huh?

Ceh, kata-kata menyedapkan hati sendiri je.
Bila nak sedapkan hati sendiri, pandai la pulak buat pepatah and kesimpulan sendiri kan?


-mia- said...

Bro, u shud use Digi. way much cheaper than the other 2 provider. Celcom's 1+5 package u have to pay 5bucks per month for the service while for Digi is free.. plus the call rates are wayyy cheaper.... :-) just fyi...

Arief Arf said...

hmm.. u shud have told me earlier..

Anonymous said...

Sure version :)

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