Sunday, November 2, 2008

Study Week or "Study" Week?

So, the exams are upon me, and during this study week, i have not been studying at all that much. That's normal i guess, for me. I'm not the kind of person who does things early. And that applies to my studies as well.
Selagi tak last minit betul-betul, tak study la.

So, during this free time, there are so many things to do, apart from studying. Among the things are:

In-house Karaoke

No, i did not go to any KTV lounge or Red Box or even a "Karok Jamban". This is home-made karaoke.
Using my very own set of speakers, 2 laptops, a mic, and a huge collection of music, voila!, a karaoke system is born!

Speaker 1 out of 5

A sub-woofer is a must

2 laptops, 1 for music library, the other for speaker/mic jack

Aha, nice eh? Our very own karaoke box. No fees needed. No time limits. Food and beverages are welcomed. Any songs that you want. Interested to join us?

The next activity is:


No real money is used, yet.. ahahaha.
All that is needed is a deck of cards, some space, and a whole lot of luck (and balls too).

This is not me shuffling the cards as i never lose. Uh huh.

Notice the reddish light/atmosphere? Well, to make the whole club/casino thingy atmosphere a bit more real, we decided to put some red plastic on a study lamp.
Baru ada feeling beb!
Our very own casino + KTV lounge. hohoho

More than just a study lamp

The study lamp in all it's glory

Although karaoke-ing pollutes the environment, it is done for a good cause. To relax the mind after a long studying session. And after letting some steam off, i can go back and continue to study. Not only did i manage to train my vocals, i also kept others awake, so that they can study. lol

As for the gambling part though, it's quite addictive, i must say. No no, money is not used. Haram tu! Only fake tokens are used. hahaha.
Since my luck is so good, maybe i'll try to challenge the taiko-taiko up there in Genting. Or maybe get on a cruise ship to gamble or something. hahahaha.

Till then, back to studying. This time for real. Exams are soooo near already.
And more "study" activities will be shared soon.

Good Luck!


Hananeechan said...

huyooo..gile best.kalo org lua nk tumpang ktv ko cmana? bpe cas? kalo kt karaoke box 1 lagu singgit, ko diskaun aa..1 lgu 20 sen..huhu~

*thank God my room is nowhere near yours...pity ur neighbours*

Kaypoh said...

Ni mesti stress giler... terror nampak & bunyi nya? bilik2 sebelah tak complain ke? soundproof ke?or diorang join sekali? cam alamat duduk luar je tahun depan...hahaha

Arief Arf said...

hahahah, 20sen? xberbaloi langsung..
neighbours? who cares bout neighbours?

xde sape nak brani complain la..

T.O.P.A.N said...

in house karaoke sounds cool wei!

Clive Einstein said...

orang dah xcomplain pasal dah pengsan dengar suara sengau datang dari bilik ko

Arief Arf said...

hahaha, encik hebat ni berjaya sampai ke blog saya juga..
mari mari kita berkaraoke..

hek eleh, orang sume merayu2 kat aku suruh nyanyi lagi taw.
bile turn ko nyanyi je, sume org pengsan. hahah

M I A J A M A L U D D I N said...

"Not only did i manage to train my vocals, i also kept others awake, so that they can study"

grrr.. ceit! hahahaha.. ^_^

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