Thursday, November 6, 2008

Exam Ramblings

Okay, now the exams are in full swing, and now i'm in the middle of a 3-in-a-row exam period. I mean 3 days in a row, not 3 exams in one day lah kan.
There's still tomorrow and Saturday. And more next week.

Why are there exams on Saturday? Come on la. Give me a break, i need my Saturdays. Now it's ruined with an exam. Sigh. But then again, there's something to look forward to this Saturday.

Arfsenal Vs. Manshitster United, that is. Although Arfsenal is kinda sucky lately, and Manshitster United is on a so-called form, i wouldn't bet against Arfsenal though (i would never). They are playing at home, and Manshitster United are playing against wounded animals.
So, anybody wanna bet? Bring it on.

Back to the topics of exams and studies, i am proud to say that i did actually study a lot. So much until my groin hurts (i don't know why). Yeah, now i'm studying really really hard smart. But then again, i don't know why some people seems to be beleaguered and in disbelief when they see me really studying. hahahah

Oh, and since i've been studying (really, i'm not lying) lately, there's something that i found to be quite interesting.

Effectiveness evaluates the extent to which goals are achieved.
Efficiency is measured by the resources/input used to produce products/output.
Efficiency leads to effectiveness.

So, what is so interesting about it? Well, it is true that efficiency leads to effectiveness, which means, when you use your resources well, and perform well, you will get your desired results.

But then again, i beg to differ.
For me, you don't have to be efficient to be effective.
You can be effective, but inefficient at the same time.

Understand what i'm saying?

Lu pikirlah sendiri!


-mia- said...

Bro, adebayor, walcott, sagna, eboue are all injured. v.persie got sent off last week. bendtner is not fit. dudu and rosicky forever injured laa. HOW?? how to pla with Beruk No 7 of the year,Babitov and the Shrek No 10?? :-(
I tanak tgk game esok laa... takutttt....... nnt bole kena heart attack. and i bet, beruk no 7 tu mesti 2 minit sekali akan jatuh, dive and mintak simpati ref for penalty. sheeshh

Arief Arf said...

we stil got vela n walcott might play.
fab is available.
im sure wenger has something up his sleeve.
fret not.
to victory we march!

Anonymous said...

nak...nak join!!ngehehehe

Arief Arf said...

er..nak join pegi mane?

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