Sunday, November 9, 2008

I told you, did i not?

'Arfsenal is going to win against Manshitster United'.
I told you so in the last post.
Did you believe in me that time?
No, i'm very sure you did not.

Nobody said/believed that Arfsenal would win. All the odds are against them. Bad form, history, statistics, injuries, suspension and what not while Man U is on fire and bla bla bla. Even headlines in the paper said things like:
'Devils gonna get you', 'Blunt Guns', 'Gunners gonna get gunned down' and yada yada yada.

In the end?


The match between these two teams is always the highlight of any season. There are so many other "big" matches like Chelshit vs Liverfool or Manshitster United vs Chelshit. But the best game will always be between these two teams.

Last night, the game was very exciting and enjoyable. No matter which club you support, you will enjoy last night's game. It was an example of a true football match. Exciting, nail-biting, fast, furious and all that stuff. And it is quite nice to see both teams playing real football, not fighting or tackling like hooligans.

To be fair, Manshitster United played a good game. But in the end, Arfsenal played better, and they deserved the win. It doesn't really matter to all Arfsenal fans that they dropped lots of points to lower teams like Hull City and Stoke City, but results like this, matters. No matter what happened, as long as we beat Man Utd, that's fine. ahaha.

Okay, enough of football for now. I'm very sure that all the Manshitsher United supporters are pretty pissed off right now. LOL.

To all Arfsenal fans, when all hope seems lost, always, always, remember, never ever lose confidence in your team.

Arfsenal 2-1 Manchester United

Go Gunners!


Mr. Ombak said...

haha. adat la tu menang kalah, go Man U!

Arief Arf said...

heheh. thats what people say when their team loses.
xpe xpe, hari ni hari aku, nanti2 hari ko plak..

Mama kewl said...

Yeah u said it... u must support what/who u believe in despite the odds. Never ever waver, or else u lose too, rite??? heheh

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