Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nasi Daun Pisang

Yesterday night, i had Nasi Daun Pisang with the sister at Nirwana Maju Restaurant, Bangsar. She said that she's mengidam to eat Nasi Daun Pisang, and she recently read somewhere about the restaurant. So, we went there to check it out.

I've been to that restaurant before, but i never ate there. Why? Because i remember, last time, i went there with Mr.C and Mr. AK, and the service was quite bad. It was around lunchtime, and so it was packed like hell. When we sat there, the macha did not even clear our table after 10 minutes. The ever-hungry Mr.C kept on calling for the macha but the macha did not give a shit.

That time, i was in a good and patient mood, so i don't feel like making a fuss out of the situation. But since Mr.C is starving, he turns emo. He left the table and went to Devi's Corner instead. Tiba-tiba blah camtu je. Nak taknak, semua pun ikut je la. Kesian budak tu lapar.
So, since then, the restaurant is kinda black-listed.

But since the sister wants to try it(and belanja me of course), i don't mind.
The place was packed, as usual, even though it's around 10pm. Luckily, the service is okay this time around.

See the happy face? Nyum Nyum.

The food was good. Seriously. That's why you can see people from different races eating here. Mat Salleh pun banyak! After all, it's Bangsar right?
And it's bloody cheap too! One set of the Nasi Daun Pisang is just RM5.00. Add some chicken or mutton, plus a drink, and you'll roughly spend RM10 for a complete wholesome meal.

The set, without any additional lauks, yet.

The aftermath.

Yeah, gone in less than a few minutes.
Licin beb!
Nasib baik tak boleh makan daun pisang tu.


sis said...

hoh! neena 'mengidam' NDP? hmm... i wonder from where she 'read' about it... muahahahaha! anywayyy, nampak sedap okkk itu set NDP! arghhh... i guess i'll have to settle with my own cooking day in, day out...sob sob sob =(

Kaypoh said...

Woei, such a heavy meal at 10pm/bedtime? Tsk, tsk, tsk, a heapful of rice, santan, mutton & fried stuff....think calories!!! Actually sour grapes....hahaha

Mama kewl said...

Okey! okey! korang makan dua je ye? Sikit tak ajak pun ye?

-mia- said...

bro, i know it's kinda late to comment about last week's game but u know what? i told u i didnt wanna watch that game aight? but i end up went to hartamas sq (where its known as zoo for Manshitster United) and heret all my friends yang anti Man U and my hubby who is also the Manshitster die hard fan there. and when Sam the Man scored the 1st n 2nd goal, i screamed like nobody's business!! gosh, puas hati that we beat them. n my hubby terus mc mon-wed sebab demam. haha...

Once a Gunner, forever a Gunner!
(next time, i akan ikut u ckp. never lose faith. thanx bro!)

NDP rocks! i love the one in puchong. less crowd. bigger space. n should try raju as well.

Izyan Darling said...

ish ish buruk benar bunyinya "mengidam". mestila dia on je, dahla chauffeur-driven back to uni, ada makan pulak beforehand. ur lucky to have a sis like me. =P if only the daun pisang can be eaten huh? licin!!! but i didn't finish my rice ok. too much and to quoute kaypoh "a heavy meal at 10pm/bedtime? Tsk, tsk, tsk, a heapful of rice, santan, mutton & fried stuff....think calories!!!"
sis, u can only feast ur eyes on it. sedap wooo~
mama kewl, i shall take u there real soon aite?

Arief Arf said...

ahaha, yeah u can only feast ur eyes on it la..
u can cook wat, so cook la for ur hubby oso..hhahahaa

ala, relax la.. no need to worry..
enjoy the food, worry later..

mama kewl,
ahahaha, i don't know. not involved.

yeah, dats y i malas nak pegi hartamas tgk mu, coz sume pn mu there.. haha..
bout the ndp, puchong eh? a bit far la.. but nvm, nanti try sane pulak..

izyan darling,
alahai, blasah je lah. since when did u care bout calories?

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