Thursday, November 20, 2008


Finally, the semester has come to an end and the long-awaited holidays has arrived.
Yay, the exams are over!
Now it's time to relax, enjoy, and rest after using so much of my energy during the examination period. hahaha

Just after the final day of the exams, people start to go back to their respective hometowns. But i wonder, why so early? Lepak la dulu.. I guess everybody misses their hometowns huh?
There's nothing for me to miss though, hahaha.. I can go back home anytime i want and whenever i want.

So, now i'm already home. Aahh.. finally. Now is the chance for me to truly relax, lepak, and waste time as much as i can. I don't think i'm gonna find myself a part-time job, cause the holidays is just about a month, so, there's nothing much can be done and nothing much can be gained anyway. So, i'm better off doing what i do best, which is, wasting time. heheheh

Talking about freedom, there's this series of events called the Freedom Series. It all started with the 2 days of Freedom festival, where DJ Tiesto came over. I went to that event in Port Dickson, and after filling in some surveys and so on, later they sent me an e-mail to join the Freedom membership.

So, i registered, as it was free and all, and everytime Freedom does an event, i will be informed. The next up and coming event will be the Freedom Elite Private Event, which is only for the lucky 5000 amongst the registered members. At first, i'm not really interested in it, as it requires you to RSVP really really early and i'm still not sure whether i'm gonna have plans for that weekend or not.

No better way to kick-start the holiday

So, the dateline is up, and the RSVP is closed. But a few days later, they said that by requests, they have extended the RSVP. So, i just tried my luck and just confirmed that i will be going to that event.

When i came home yesterday, the maid gave me a letter. It's from the Freedom Elite itself. hahaha. I got the exclusive pass to the event this weekend held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park. I even got the Freedom Passport, with my name and IC on it, so that i can attend future Freedom events. How cool is that?


But.. the problem is, this thing that i got, is just for one person (if i'm not mistaken). It's kinda logic for this pass to be for one person. But WTF? As much as i want to go to this event, i'm not going alone. For example, if you are always in a group of 5. Then, all of you in the group registers for this event, and RSVPed to this event. But, out of the 5 who registered, only 2 gets the pass. I'm sure that for events like this, you wanna go with all your friends right?

The pass, the passport and the flyer

So, how now? I want to go to this event. But i ain't gonna go there alone. The girlfy didn't register, so she doesn't have the pass. Unless i can bring her to the event using this one pass, then it's okay. But i don't think it's worth a try/gamble. Karang tak dapat masuk lagi sorang, menganga je. And the best thing is of course, the pass is not transferable. My name and IC is on the pass, so, no, i can't give this pass to anyone.

And by the way, during the event, there will be a free-flow of beverages. Rugi kalau tak pergi. hahahaha

How meh?

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Mama kewl said...

Jolly frog! Happy, happy, joy,joy...

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