Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arfsenal oh Arfsenal

Arfsenal are going through a rough moment right now.
2 straight losses in-a-row, among other things. Later tonight, they will face Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League.
And this weekend, will be a showdown with Chelshit at the Bridge.

Sigh, tough times, tough times.
But hey, there are still something good to look forward to.
The installment of Francesc Fabregas as the new captain of Arfsenal, of course.
No more Mr. William Gallas.

The Fab One

So, i hope that this weekend, Arfsenal will bounce back up after a terrible week. Again, the situation is like against the Man U match. Arfsenal is not in a good form, with injuries, problems and so on, and yet they managed to kick their asses. A repeat performance against Chelshit this time, alright lads? hohoho

Oh, and another thing. I wonder why, when Arfsenal loses, everybody seems to be calling/messaging me. Some even put up bulletins. Haihhh...

"Hahaha padan muka Arfsenal kalah!"

"Weh, apa cerita Arfsenal ko kalah?"

Yeah, my friends are always concerned about me.
But only when Arfsenal loses.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Im actually relief with wenger's decision to strip gallas captaincy. but i would prefer toure to be the new captain instead.

anyways, Good Luck Fab!
Once a Gunner, forever a Gunner!!


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