Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby P

From The Sun UK

Did you hear about the Baby P news? I can't help but feel sad reading the story.
It's about a 17-month old boy who was ill-treated by his mother and the mother's boyfriend until the boy died of multiple injuries.
The whole thing is kinda big in UK right now, as millions of people have voiced out their sympathy towards the boy's life, and fury towards his so-called guardians.

Look at the boy, he's so cute isn't he?
The boy lives with his mother, and the mother's boyfriend. The thing is, the two animals treated the boy like a dog. They would scold him, beat him, and abuse him. For God's sake, the boy is not even 2 years old yet, but he is treated really bad.

When first noticed by the authorities and the staffs of the clinic about the bruises and wounds found at the boy, the mother would simply cover up and said that the boy is very active, always playing around and injuring himself. Sick, isn't it?

When the social service came to their apartment, and saw the mess it was in, they decided to let Baby P be put under the care of a family friend, while investigating the couple. But a few months later, no real evidence could be found, and no charge was made. So, the boy is allowed to go back home.

The couple were then allocated with a social worker and a health visitor, to monitor the situation. And yet the violence continues to worsen. It was said that the social workers saw black eyes, swelling and bruises all over the boy. And when a worker came for a pre-meeting with the mother, the mother covered the bruises with chocolates, saying the boy is eating chocolates at that time.

A few days later, the boy is brought to a hospital over concerns about his well-being. The doctor did not find anything amiss. And the doctor is dead wrong. The boy actually had a broken rib and a broken back! How the hell could the doctor miss that?

Two days later, the boy died after being punched in the face so hard until he swallowed his own teeth. What a cruel, cruel end to his life. How could anyone harm a child that age?

This kind of thing happens. But it surely can be prevented. Just look at how many times the social workers came and visit the boy and all. And the doctor too. How the hell could a bloody doctor said that the boy was fine, while the boy is suffering from a broken back and rib? The doctor gave an excuse, saying the boy was cranky that time. WTF?

The main culprit is of course the mother. She is one evil bitch i tell you. That is one thing, but the people in the surroundings could have done something to prevent it from happening. That shows how the society never gives a shit about their surroundings. And also the so-called experts doing their job.

Tributes at the North London Cemetery

Poor, poor Baby P.


Mama kewl said...

Aaaaawwww.....the soft side of Arf which u don't know exist.

Mia said...

Just drop by to say something about what just happened recently.

This is a sign how individualistic the Westerners can be and the difference between them and Asians who are more connectivist and concern about other people's problems.

But sometimes Asians could be so busy body. The bad side of it.

Peace out.

-Aida Emira-

Arief Arf said...

mama kewl,
hnsss... expect the unexpected.

dats y la. busy body sangat tak boleh, kalau tak ambik kesah pun tak boleh jugak.

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