Monday, December 1, 2008

I told you, did i not? 2nd Edition

Again, Arfsenal proved the critics wrong.
They beat Chelshit 2-1.
I told you, didn't i?

Nobody would believe me that time. Especially after Arfsenal losing 2 matches on the trot.
With the captaincy disputed, team morale lacking, dressing room problems, injuries and what not. Again, Arfsenal pulled it off.

RVP the Hero

Who said it was a bad November for Arfsenal?
Well, if you say beating Manshitster United, qualifying to the second round of the Champs League and beating Chelshit at the Bridge was a bad run, then i don't know what to say lah kan?
Now it's time for Arfsenal to find some sort of consistency and go on a title winning run. I believe it is not impossible.

Sigh, I should have betted a lot more. A lot lot more.
But nevermind, tak boleh tamak sangat. Heheheh.

And as i expected, and as i said in a few posts back, nobody called me. Why? It's because Arfsenal wins.
I don't mind though.
I'd be glad to call each and every one of them.

Oh, what a way to start my December.


sis said...

I heard u tak berani bet with the fam, huh? Tapi hardcore fan?! What the...?! Kan dah rugi...wakakakaka...

Mama kewl said...

Why didn't I take the risk when I was practically told to bet on the gunners? Some people are so sure it'll be trounced after the spate of losses to lesser teams. Rugi!rugi! rugi!

Arief Arf said...

ey, where got?
i betted ok! although little, at least i did. coz i had some other bets oso la.
mana boleh tamak.

mama kewl,
padan muka. hahahah

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