Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Activity - The Lamp Shade

What is that?
Is it a ball? Is it the moon? Is it an ostrich's egg? Is it somebody's head?
It's a friggin' lamp shade.
Yes, a bloody lamp cover.

The Activity - cleaning the lamp shade.

You see, this is the lamp shade that sits on top of the wall.
Obviously, it should be white in colour. But over time, dust, smoke, and other particles cover the surface of the lamp shade, and so it turns ugly.
And when the lamp is turned on, it doesn't shine as bright as it should be.
So, i had to clean it up. (Not that i really wanted to, though)

And so, the process begins. It's not that hard really. Just take it off the wall, and clean it. Sounds simple, right? But not.
The wall is quite high, and so i had to climb a ladder to take that thing off. And some of them are so hard to open, it's almost stuck there. Some are full of algae, while some had lizards in it. (WTF?)

The bottom-part of the lamp shade, which is GROSS.

Armed with soap and brush, i scrubbed it like hell. Some of them are able to be cleaned, while some of them can't really. I don't know why, maybe some of it have been too exposed to sun and rain, which makes its surface kinda coarse. The ones under the shade of the roof or a tree are cleaned without much hassle, and looks brand new after the cleaning process.

Omega-3 Eggs. Melamine included.

Yeah, there's a lot of them. Imagine the hard work.
Hell yeah.
Well, at least i did something productive this holidays. ahahaha.

Back where it belongs. All shiny-shiny.

Now, to maintain the balance between work and play,
it's time to enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

respect sial!!!!!
anak contoh!!!

sis said...

wah!!! WTD man??!! OMG OMG OMG i can't beleive my eyes!!! arf = house chores??? walaweyyyyy!!!

sis said...


btw, agak comel jugak laa...hehehe...but i wonder berapa ko yg buat and berapa bibik yang buat! wakakakaka =D

Mama kewl said...

Long overdue my boy......way too long overdue! heheh

Anonymous said...

at lonnnnnnggg last u did it. dats good. wait for the next assignment. ha ha ha. keep it up.

ps. u know whose comment dis is right?

Arief Arf said...

yeah, WTV people.

sis said...

muahahahahahaha so funny la my fam! miss u guys so much!

Clive said...

pasni leh la tolong bersihkan tingkap2,toilet kat kolej ek?hehe

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