Thursday, December 11, 2008

Raya Haji Ramblings

It's still not too late to wish a Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha right?

Nothing much happened during the Hari Raya Haji. It rained the whole day, but still, the food never fails to disappoint. All the rendangs and lemangs, plus rain, what do you get?
ZZZ + Fatness.

So, the next day, somebody sent an invitation or a pass of some sort to attend some Majlis Sempena Hari Raya Haji at a kindergarten or some pusat jagaan of some sort in my neighbourhood. Somebody from there must have given it to the maid, as i was still asleep that time (really early in the morning i guess, LOL).

So, that afternoon, or was it evening, my mom told me to go to the kindergarten to take free meat. Daging korban. Just go there, and bring that invitation, and get the meat. Simple. It was already 4pm, and the thing was supposed to be until 5pm.

As it was already late, and it looks like it's gonna rain, i quickly went there. Of course, i did not know what to expect, so i did not wear anything special, coz' i thought, just go there and take the meat, right? So, i went there, with shorts and t-shirt of course.

To my horror, when i got there, there were lots of people, wearing baju kurung and baju melayu and all. Oh shit. But luckily, most of them were leaving, and they were already cleaning up the place. There's lots of food too.

Ah, what the hell, i thought. Just go in and take the meat. Who cares what people says. Most of them are not from the neighbourhood anyway. So, dengan muka tak malu, i went to the pakcik who seem to be the host or something. Of course, he is all dressed up with baju melayu and samping. I said to him about the free meat and all, and he called this one makcik to go and take the meat for me.

While waiting, the pakcik offered me to eat there, as there were plenty of food. Everything that has got to do with a cow, it's there. Sup tulang, sup gearbox, various rendangs, roasted beef. You name it. But since i'm not really dressed for the occasion, i passed his offer (what a bummer).

Finally, the makcik who took the meat for me came and hand over the meat to me. So, after receiving the meat, i had to do what i had to do lah kan? I said
Terima kasih makcik
and offered to shake hands with her.
Wrong move, buddy.

The makcik was like a bit surprised, and gave me a cynical look.

Eh, saya tak boleh salam awak!

The makcik withdrew her hand, and quickly went away.

A 3-second silence ensues. Everybody was looking. The pakcik-pakcik sitting at the table drinking coffee. The brader-brader who were cleaning the table. The other makciks. Everybody stared at me like i just shouted "fuck" in the middle of that place. It was THAT fucked up.

So, again, dengan muka slumber dan tak malu, i went to the pakcik earlier, said thanks, and get the hell out of that place, with my free meat, of course.

Sigh, this thing happens huh? But come on la makcik. Is it not natural for me to shake her hands after receiving something? And it's Raya also, kan? Where's the harm in it? I totally don't understand these people. Of course, it is some kind of an Islamic kindergarten or something, but she's wearing a polo shirt, albeit the tudung. She's more than twice my age! Unless la she's wearing a tudung labuh with gloves or something, then i can accept it lah. Or even an ustazah in the making or whatever. But this?
But then again, with me wearing shorts and all, that surely does something to worsen the situation, huh?

So, another lesson learned during the Raya Haji.

Never, ever, shake hands or even attempt to shake hands with a makcik you don't know, who is working at a kindergarten, no matter how casual they are dressed, and even if she gives you free meat.
Don't. Ever.


Mr.Clive said...

just say teng kayu.
i know how u feel,bra.
ko ni memang sial la..hahhaa

Clive said...

kaki yang xbanyak bulu tu ek?hehe

Kaypoh said...

Memang these days serba salah bila jumpa orang melayu - to salam or not to salam??? Tebal rasa muka bila unjuk tangan tapi orang tak terima/mengelak. Tapi dari kecik kita di suruh/didik untuk salam bila jumpa orang tanda hormat & mesra. Kurang ajar kalo tak salam.... dulu lain, sekarang lain.

mama kewl said...

Shian dia. Lantak diorang lah dengan I'm holier than thou attitude! Janji kita dapat daging fresh & enak kan?...heheh

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