Thursday, December 18, 2008

4 reasons why i'm getting fatter this holiday

Okay okay, i admit it. I've not really been working out as much as i wanted to during the holidays. It's not really that i'm getting fat or what, it's just that i'm really lazy and all. hahaha. So, i've been thinking, why? Why am i really lazy during this holiday season? (when not?)
I came up with 4 reasons.

4. The weather
The weather is very important. It plays a huge role in making one a lazy a person. Well of course, it is the end of the year. And so, it tends to rain a lot. Day, night, morning, everytime.
So, how am i supposed to not laze around when the weather is so err.. permitting?

3. Sleeping pattern
It's the holidays right? So, when else to sleep like a king? And, as stated in reason number 5, the weather surely helps huh?
And when it rains in the morning, i tend to oversleep. So, basically, i wake up late, really really late.
rain = sleep + laziness.

2. Lack of motivation?
Well, not really lack of motivation. It's more towards attitude. And procrastination. Plus a lot of laziness. And a whole load of excuses. LOL

1. Food!
Of course, the main bloody reason. How the hell am i supposed to be motivated to be active enough when there's plenty of food? Not just in the house, even outside, even on TV!
Yeah, even on TV, there's just too much shows on food. Planet Food, Destination Food, Jamie's Kitchen, Nigella Bites, Bizzare Food, you name it!
It's all food food food!
Plus, the sister with her weekend project(which involves food, of course), oh gosh, i can't say no to that!

No, i won't be posting pics of food or whatsoever. Nope.

So, there, that's it. Now that i came up with all the bloody reasons i could think of, i can't help but feel a bit guilty for not really using this time to exercise and work out. But then again, nevermind lah! I'm not fat, so that's okay i guess.
Time to get lazy!

1 comment:

Clive said...

mane six packs nyer dik?
or should i say,budak gemok?
habeh ar ko.ade spare tayar skrang.
terpaksela beli jeans baru,seluar baru.x fit dah ni.

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