Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another crunch match

Tonight Arfsenal will face Liverfool in the Barclays Premier League.
So far, Arfsenal have done quite well against the big teams, namely Chelshit and Manshitster United.
Will it be third time lucky for Arfsenal?

But Liverfool have been a different side this season. They are playing quite well. But since the game is played at the Emirates, i don't think it would be much of a problem though.
But then again, Arfsenal have been consistently inconsistent. It is a pain watching them lose to lesser sides, but they need to win this kind of matches to stay in touch with the big boys.
Even if we don't win the title, at least there's some bragging rights in it, huh?

So, with fingers crossed, i hope Arfsenal will triumph tonight.
Hopefully there will be another post titled 'I told you didn't i?' again.
Bring it on!

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