Tuesday, December 23, 2008

7 things that will happen if snow falls in Malaysia

So, Arfsenal didn't win the match against Liverfool, and it was a draw. The match was kinda even, but not until Ade got a red card. Stupid ref! And Fabregas injured himself too. Damn. So, no 'i told you didn't i' shit anymore. hahaha.

Okay, enough about the football already. Christmas is near, so this post is Christmas-themed. hahaha. Although i don't really celebrate Christmas, but what the heck, it's still a celebration right? And it has the most hype all over the world. Just look at the shopping malls, in the TV, everywhere, it's all snows and Santas.

Yeah, the Christmas spirit. Christmas won't be perfect without snow, huh? So, that made me wonder. What if snow falls in Malaysia? What if there's winter over here? hohoho, that's surely interesting.
So, i came up with a few things that will happen if snow falls in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, we are full of festivals and celebrations. For example, Hari Raya and Thaipusam. So what would happen if snow falls during these times? Imagine going for a raya openhouse wearing thick, multi-layered clothing and snowcaps. That would be fun huh? Oh, and how about Thaipusam? Can they pierce those rods through one's body, when it's freezing like hell? And they are supposed to be topless or something right? Now that's a challenge.

Over here, rempits are king, or so they say. Imagine a rempit, doing what they do best, which is merempit, while snow is falling? Now, that would be a sight. Wearing too much clothes would destabilise them, and don't, don't ever mess with the skinny jeans. The skinny jeans is a must for every rempits. I bet during the winter, the rempits will not really be able to show off their abdomens. But they will still grab and rearrange their balls. It's freezing. LOL.

Lu ingat musim sejuk gua tak boleh pacak ke bai? Takde hal la!!

Talking about rempits, people with lowered cars will have problems too. Aha! Familiar? The road will be covered in thick snow, so there's no way the car can move. Snow will even get into the floor of the car! And those people will be like "Sorry la bro, gua tak dapat datang la bro. Snow tebal la bro. Kereta gua tak boleh lari la bro."
Serves you right.

If snow falls in Malaysia, you won't be able to read this. Why? Because the internet over here sucks so much that it gets disconnected itself when it rains. Yeah, so imagine snow. Another similar problem is the goddamn Astro. Even when the weather is what we call "mendung", you will get something like "Services are currently not available". If it snows, what the hell would they say? I bet the decoder won't be able to display any message at all as the dish is already frozen.
So, no Internet, and no Astro for the whole of winter. Great. I wonder if TV1 still exists?

Snow = No sunshine.
For a country which depends a lot on the sun, it would be quite hard to adapt. I'm not talking about padi or other crop related stuffs. I'm talking about ikan masin, sotong kering, udang kering, belacan and other dried foods over here! Now, THAT is hard to adapt. LOL.
Oh, most people over here doesn't own a dryer at home. So i wonder, how will people dry their clothes then. And let's not start about smelly clothes/baju bau tak kering. Ugh.

You will be sorely missed, my dear ikan masin.

There's more reason to wake up late! Can also be used as a good excuse for missing class/work.
Sorry la bos, saya ingat masih malam lagi. Rupa-rupanya snow tebal cover tingkap saya. Jadi saya sambung la tidur.

Snow. Christmas. What else do we need? Our very own Santa Claus of course!
And the winner of Akademi Santa 2008 is...

err.. Sathya Kalasamy a.k.a Santa Claus

ahaha. I think that's enough of stupidity already. But thank God Malaysia is not a snowy country. I would rather go to Europe and feel the snow for myself rather than having Sathya Kalasamy giving hugs and gifts to kids in Suria KLCC. hahahaha.

So, enough of my poor imagination already. Let us all enjoy the holidays.
Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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