Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Christmas to remember

It's been quite a while since i posted something here. Sorry for the delay. Too many things to be done, too busy (yeah right). Oh and by the way, it's still not too late to wish a happy new year right?
Happy New Year!
Aha, okay. No new year stories, and no new year's resolution bullshit. Well, it's about Christmas. Haha, yeah, Christmas.

Actually, i wanted to post something sometime during Christmas, a story, in fact. But then, since the Internet connection is bloody slow, i did not manage to post the story. Basically, i typed it half-way, but i don't know how, it kinda got lost. Yeah. Blame everything else but me. But since i'm in a story-telling mood, let me share with you my Christmas story. And therefore i'll type the whole thing again. And one more thing, there's actually 2 parts, with 2 stories, but with the same theme. LOL. But i'll save the second part for the next post aight?

On the 25th of December, which is Christmas day, everybody around the world was in a good spirit. Festive spirit, family reunions, holidays, and what not. But since i don't really celebrate Christmas, there's no turkey, or a Christmas tree with a lampu lip-lap or anything close to that. No parties, no kenduri, no nothing. So, that night, me and the girlfy decided to go and watch a midnight movie.

We went to Midvalley since the parking rate is dirt cheap. It was a Malay movie, Histeria. The movie was not that bad. It's not scary or frightening for me, but it does have a terkejut-terkejut moment (not that i'm really terkejut though). So, the movie was okay, and we went out of the cinema feeling kinda satisfied. As usual, when i got up from the seat, i would check my pockets, my seat and my surroundings so that i won't leave anything behind.

As we were walking towards the autopay station, i realized something.
The parking ticket is not in my pocket.

So, a frantic search operation begins. I searched my pocket, my wallet, everything. Nope, not there. The girlfy checks her bag, her purse and everything. Still no parking ticket. I said to the girlfy that i may have left it in the car (which is so not me). So, we went to the car, search here there and everywhere. Still, no parking ticket. There's everything inside (summonses, rubbish etc.) except the bloody parking ticket.
And panic starts to filter through my body.

I knew that i had put it in my pocket. But it was nowhere to be found.
So, we went back to the cinema. Since our movie was one of the last movies for that night, by the time we got there back, the cinema was already closed. There were a few GSC staffs out there, so i asked them if they could let us inside to search for the parking ticket.
No, not in the cinema. Not on our seats. Not even on the floor.
I even went to the toilet to see maybe if it's there. None.

So, since there's not much option left, we had to prepare for the worse. Actually, the parking would just cost us RM1. One freaking ringgit. But a lost ticket would cost us me 50 bloody RMs!
Big time!

After some fighting and shouting, I convinced the girlfy that i put the ticket inside my pocket, although i usually put it inside my wallet. So, it must have fell off when i took out my wallet. Suddenly, i remembered something. The only time i took out my wallet was while paying for the movie ticket.
Wait, that can't be right?

If that thing had slipped out of my pocket, it would have been at the counter, around 2 hours before that!
But what the hell, why not just try and check the counter right?

So, we ran like two mad idiots on a lonely midnight towards the counter. When we got there, the counter is already closed. It was dark, and the steel partition is already down. So, we looked around on the floor, and guess what.
Guess what?

The parking ticket is lying there. All alone. Upside-down. Untouched.
In front of the counter.

What a relief..!!!
Imagine, what are the odds??

The parking ticket is still there after more than 2 hours!
To put it simple, it fell off, i went inside and watched the whole movie, gone back to the car, search here and there, and then i go back there, and it's still there!
It could have easily been swept off by the cleaner, or maybe blown by the wind, or even picked up by some curious bastard!
But no! It was still there!

Oh, how thankful was i that moment. Only God knows how i felt that time.
I could have lost RM50 that night. It could have been the most expensive parking ever. Fortunately enough, i just needed to pay only 1/50 of that amount.

So, was that bad luck, or was i lucky?
Whatever it was, it's surely a Christmas to remember.
Good times baby, good times.

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