Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Adventures of Arf and Jon

It's Monday, and the classes are packed like hell. From 9am to 3pm, direct.
It was already 12 something, and the next class is at 1pm.
As i was heading to the next class, Jon said to me that he won't be going, as he wanted to go and repair his Kancil Turbo.

Being such a good friend, i offered myself to teman him, just in case anything happened to him, or the good ol' Kancil Turbo. Ahem.
Since the class is surely going to be very boring, i decided that i would instead help a friend, by sacrificing my time. hahaha.
Senang cerita, ponteng je lah kan?

You see, the Kancil Turbo is not in a very good condition lately. It would always terbatuk-batuk and tak boleh pergi, you know what i mean. It's not as powerful as it used to and should be. Jon said that it might be the spark plug or whatever. So, that afternoon we headed to KL.
Chow Kit - Kampung Baru area to be exact. I don't know why Jon loves that place so much. ahahah. Oh, and by the way there's something he wanted to buy there, so might as well look for a workshop around that area.

When we reached Kampung Baru, we found a bengkel near the flat area, and send the Kancil Turbo for repair. Jon explained about the problem to that pakcik, and the pakcik took around 15 minutes to do it. He pointed that one of the air wires( the wires that connects to the air-cond or something) is putus. So, he just changed it to a new one. That's all.
What a bummer. Jon could have just selophantaped(i don't know the spelling hahaha) the bloody wire. Nevermind then, just RM10.

Then, we went to Chow Kit area. I had to wait in the car as were parking illegally. After waiting inside the car and got myself baked for 20 freaking minutes, we went to Menara Celcom, as i had to pay some bills. Bills bills bills. Ahem.
The car seems to be fine.
No more terbatuk-batuk.

On the way back, Jon turned on the air-cond. Aha! Now there's where the fun begins. The car starts to batuk-batuk again, and eventually, die. Yeah, in the middle of the road. At the traffic light near the KL Sentral area. The engine can't even start. It's even worse than before. Luckily enough, after some tries, we were successful.

Jon had to drive slowly. It's too far to turn back to the workshop, so we headed to Kerinchi instead, to find another bengkel, and not forgetting lunch. Somehow, there's no bengkel to be found, so we opted to grab our lunch. While walking towards the warung, there's this one small bengkel, and a few men repairing a car. After explaining the situation, the pakcik asked to bring the car nearer to the bengkel so that he can take a look.

We went back to get the car, but there's no parking near the bengkel. There is this one spot left, but somehow Jon missed it. While reversing towards the parking, the car buat perangai lagi. This time, it cannot be started at all. So, i had to get out and push the poor ol' Kancil Turbo. Lucky i was there huh?
But then again, since it was kinda downhill, both of us could not even push that small thing.
Argh, damn.
But it was hilarious though. LOL.

Finally, and luckily, there's a van in front who just came out of it's parking spot, so, without even starting the engine(memang tak boleh pun), we parked the car.

The pakcik takes a look at the Kancil Turbo, and said the problem was the contact point.
Check point?
What point?
Contact point.

I never knew there exists a thing called a contact point in a car. At least i learned something, hahaha. After installing the new contact point, and some tuning, the car finally roared back to life. With the help of RM25, not to forget.
Ah, finally.

After everything is done, we went for lunch.
Since it was already around 3 something that time, there was not much left.
Just as i was about to grab a telur masin, i saw the makcik behind the restaurant dropped a few boiled eggs onto the ground. And it's no ordinary ground.
We are talking about Kerinchi here. The dirtiness, the stray cats, the Mickey Mouses, and the lopak-lopak kinda ground.
And dengan selamba giler the makcik picked up the eggs and put it back into the container containing the rest of the eggs.
Without even washing.

I won't be eating boiled eggs or even telur masin for a long time.

In the end, everything was okay, Jon managed to get the car done, he got what he wanted to buy, i paid my bills, and we had some kind of an adventure.
And the Kancil Turbo lives for another day.
And more adventures lie ahead!


Clive said...

patutlah ponteng
takpe takpe
a friend need a help
always help if can help,kan arf??

weh,so kite black-list la kerinchi from now on!mcm sheep-al!


Hananeechan said...

gile slumber makcik tu..
kedai mne?
mmg kena blacklist aa nih~

Arief Arf said...


ntah. sume kdai kat kerinci same je kotornye.

Mr.Clive said...

nak makan pun hilang mood.dengan mickey mouse nyer sume lari sana sini mcm budak tadika


Anonymous said...

banyak lagi yang ko tak tau pasal Kencingchi tu.LOL

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