Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not Responding

See the title? Seems familiar?
Have you ever encountered that fucking thing?
An unexpected error has occured and Windows Explorer needs to shut down or some shit.

Fucking frustrating. I know.

Don't ask me. I've encountered this fucking error almost everyday.
I was just about to save a document, an assignment in fact, ahem, when this shit happens. So, the document was left unsaved.
Nice eh?

Luckily, there's the Microsoft Word autosave feature, which saves automatically, just in case this kind of shit happens. Yeah, they anticipated it well.
But still, the last saved file was not too recent, so i had to re-fucking-type a few paragraphs again.
And including the annoying 'reference' part too. Harvard style.
Hell yeah.

And then there's also the Football Manager 2009 game. While proceeding towards the next match, it kinda got stuck there. Just like that. And so, i had to kill the application, go back to Windows, and then restart the whole shit all over again.

It's not the first time, and hell no it ain't gonna be the last. As my laptop get more and more slow each day, i'll be looking forward to experiencing this more and more.
I seriously need to upgrade my RAM. 1GB of RAM is certainly not enough for a Vista laptop plus many other applications and games.
Even quitting a game and returning back to Windows takes an awful lot of time. I can even go to the toilet and come back later to see that it is still in the process of quitting.


And if the so-called unexpected error occurs while i'm posting this shit, hell no i won't be typing again.
I've had enough.

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