Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A different Kancil Turbo story

It's still not too late to wish you guys Gong Xi Fa Cai right?
Haven't been updating this blog for quite sometime already. I know, i know,
i am lazy.

So, the holidays are halfway through, and sadly for me, i did not receive a single ang pow, yet.
Only oranges?
No ang pow meh?

I don't know why, but almost every holiday/festive seasons, there will always be tales to tell.
Real stories for sure, i didn't make any shit up. LOL

If i'm not mistaken, on Sunday, i went to pick up a friend's car to send it to his workplace, with the girlfy, of course.
He lives in a condo, but since the parking inside was very limited, he parked it outside, like usual. Oh and by the way, the car is a Kancil Turbo. hahaha
But this Kancil Turbo is the real thing lah, not like Jon's old piece of scrap metal (bunyi je lebih). hahahahaha

That evening, the both of us went to the car. The girlfy then noticed that the mirror of the passenger's side was left open. Okay, that's weird. I got inside the car and noticed that there's something amiss.
There's no radio/audio player.
All that's left was just some wires.

Aha! This is so not cool. Looks like someone just broke into the car. Damn, why the hell must this happen to me?
So, we called the owner of the car and explained it to him and bla bla bla.
After examining the car, it looks like the thief(not so appropriate term i guess) might have tried to steal the whole car itself.
Luckily, the car is protected with a great security system where you have to key in the password before you can start the engine.
I have never imagined it to exist here, let alone installed in a Kancil!
But hey, it's damn cool alright!
And the thing is called Takashimaya. hehehe. Memang tak kasi can la!
After making some investigation a la CSI, it is thought that the thief is not really an expert, not even a halfwit, in fact.
Here's why:
  • The thief rips off the radio carelessly, which might have broken it, thus rendering it useless and not be able to be sold.
  • The thief could have taken the huge, expensive speaker at the back of the car, but he didn't.
  • There are still a lot of other things that can be pillaged inside the car, like clothes, shoes, gadgets and stuffs.
And yet, the thief just managed to get his hands on the radio. Luckily, pencuri itu teramatlah bodoh sekali.

So later that night, after lodging a police report and all, we went to take it out on the DUKE, the all-new just opened Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway.
Somehow, after getting his car broken into and his radio stolen, the friend was still in a good mood and even asked me to "rembat" his Kancil Turbo on the DUKE. And of course, i duly obliged.

Moral of the story:
To end your sorrow, or disappointment, stress or just anything, all you need is just a new, empty highway, a car capable of smoking the road, sufficient fuel, a bunch of crazy guys, and most importantly, a whole lotta balls!


Mr.Clive said...

no words to describe.lain kali aku ade kete,xnak ko bawak.hahahaha

Anonymous said...

lain kali suro u punye girfy la bawak kete.u tak leh harap.

Arief Arf said...

xde xde, aku nak lenjan gak kete ko nanti. muahahaha

why tak leh harap pulak?
it's not my fault.

Mr.Clive said...

ko jer lah
zaim xleh
nanti mamat tu baling botol g
tapi sian giler doh ko-banyak2 kete,kete ko tu plak yang kene kan??haha
aku dah jangkit ngan ko sial gak
tadi kene langgar moto
guling2 kat jalan
pastu ganti spare part moto kapcai foo tu
tension nyer aku
sial giler hari ni

yanna said...


this must be one of your unlucky days
relax,this must be a test from Allah


pencuri said...

aku sengaje tak nak bende lain.nanti ko lagi banyak menyumpah.

Mr.Clive said...

dapat pun bagi komen
batak sial

template baru sheep-al!
dah maju da anak emak ni.
bagus bagus

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