Sunday, February 1, 2009


I hate mosquitoes. Don't you just hate them?
Mosquitoes are a pain in the ass.
For the past few days, i cannot sleep because of these bloody little bastards.
It is a cause for concern, especially since the recently rising number of the chikunya/chikugunya/kinokuniya/whatever disease these mosquitoes bring.

Aren't they annoying?
They keep on buzzing on your ears.
Argh. The sound it makes. I simply hate.

And it doesn't help either that i'm the type of person who always let the windows open all day long. What, you expect me to shut the windows when evening comes? No way. I would suffocate then. Even if i shut the windows, the mosquitoes will already be around, inside my room. I would only shut the windows when i turn on the air-cond, when i want to sleep, of course.

Imagine, sitting in front of the laptop, or even watching the TV, every 2 minutes or so, i'll be scratching here and there.

What's even worse, no matter how much i spray the Shieldtox onto them, those pesky little mosquitoes would be back after 10 minutes or so. Instead of killing them, i'm the one getting intoxicated.
And of course, it doesn't really help when you don't have a proper Shieldtox around.

Note to self: Never ever buy these brands.

What the fuck? H20 aerosol spray? H20?! No wonder the mosquitoes don't die.
Buk-Out Insect Spray? What kind of a bloody name is that?
Damn, what happened to the good ol' Mortein and Shieldtox?
Sadly, i couldn't find those around in my house. I wonder why.

So, that leaves me with the good ol' traditional method.
The 'bait-wait-and-bam' method.
That's right. Everybody knows this method.
Bait the mosquito with your hand, feet whatever, wait for it to land,
and BAM! strike.

The successful implementation of the 'bait-wait-and-bam' method

But then again, it's not that easy when you have an army of mosquito around, and they just don't stop coming at you. Wave after wave.
You just can't manually kill them all.
My hands turn red and sore hunting these bastards.

After killing as many mosquitoes that i could, i finally went to sleep.
Just as i was about to enter the Dreamland, there's the familiar sound again. Buzzing over my ears.

Of course, when i sleep, it's dark, right? I can't see the mosquitoes, all i can is just hear them.
So, what is your first reaction when you're sleeping and there's mosquitoes buzzing at your ears? You try to hit them of course. But the problem is, it's dark.
And you end up hitting yourself.

So, i got up from the bed, turn on the lights, and start hunting for mosquitoes.

And the biggest problem is, mosquitoes nowadays are so damn smart. When you hold the aerosol spray, by just holding it, suddenly there's no mosquitoes around. There's nothing to spray to. WTF? When you put down the spray can, it starts buzzing at your ears again.
It's damn annoying i tell you.

And one of the stupidest thing is, when i finally managed to find a mosquito to spray to, it will fly to the air-cond.
And without thinking much, and with full of rage and fury, i sprayed the mosquito.
And indirectly, i sprayed towards the air-cond. Running, of course.

What happens?
The spray is turned back towards me.
FUCK YOU mosquito.

In the end, i gave up.
I sprayed the whole room, and quickly get under my comforter.
And you guessed it, after 5 minutes, the mosquito came back and started dancing and singing to my ears.

Do what you want lah. I give up. Suck all my royal blood out.
I don't care. I just want a good night's sleep.

But it won't be long before the pepatah,
kerana nyamuk seekor, habis kelambu dibakar

becomes true.


Mr.Clive said...

setuju!they suck!!big time!

Hananeechan said...

wah...r u writing my mind?
coz it's so damn bloody true..

Mr.Clive said...

hananeechan pun kene makan gak
memangla nyamuk niiii
kenapela dorang exist??
kenapela harimau,penyu yang pupus
kenape x nyamuk?

Hananeechan said...

sekecik-kecik nyamuk pon leh wat org sakit hati..terel btol..huhu

Arief Arf said...

bagus bagus.
ade gak orang yang setuju.
hapuskan nyamuk!

Hananeechan said...

aku rase klo ko bertanding ape2, n wat manifesto nak hapuskan nyamuk, mesti menang punye..
vote arip!!


Anonymous said...

Nih mesti kes badan busuk tak mandi ke,bilik bersepah ngalah sarang tikus, berselerak ngan baju hapak. mesti aa nyamuk suka...

Hananeechan said...

nyamuk sekarang, bilik lapang siap aircond + air freshener pon dia ade maa..
nyamuk moden. said...

Nyamuk irritating YES. Be careful. Small but the sting could be deadly. Already have a Dengue issue in my household. :(

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