Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There's no need to fear, ARFshavin is here!

Finally, finally, finally...
After a long long long wait..
Arfsenal managed to sign Andrey Arshavin!

It has been the transfer story of the season. Since last season actually,
Arfsenal have been fighting for his signature.
And finally they got it.

He stole my pose!

It's a really good buy, for Arfsenal. Arshavin's signing is one of the most exciting Arfsenal signing for quite some time actually. It has been a long time since Arfsenal bought an already known, world-class player to the team. So, of course it is a breath of fresh air.

This guy is just amazing. He's fast as lightning, he's skillful, creative, strong and most importantly, versatile. He's an attacking midfielder, and he scores a lot of goals too. Basically, he's a complete footballer. Just watch this video. Seriously, you'll be amazed.
Perfect for Arfsenal.

For the past few days, all the soccer websites are talking about this transfer. Whether it will go through or not, will he or won't he, done or dusted and what not.
Finally, just recently, confirmed that they have signed him. And he even posed in an Arfsenal shirt too.

Wrong spelling. It's ARFshavin.

Arfsenal may not be on their best form right now, but just watch out for a late fightback.
Be afraid, be very very afraid.
Arfshavin is here.

Shhh.. Rilek sudeh.


Mr.Clive said...

cian nyer aku dengar...
tape tape
ade gak rase takut sikit sekrang..sikit jerrr lah.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal's games been like shit for far too long - so inconsistent & unpredictable. Let's hope we see good games now...

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