Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The other day, i was walking at some mall.
Then, this shady/creepy Chinese guy approached me, and gave me a flyer of some sort.

Herbal Lelaki Kuat
Jade Ring - Tambah SAIZ
Krim Tenaga - Tahan LAMA
and so on.

At first glance, i sniggered.
Then i told that guy,
"ni wa tak pakai la. wa natural punya kuat."
Then he said,
"Lu mana tau. Lu try dulu la. Confirm lu puas hati."

I just laughed and went away.
As i was walking away, i saw that guy giving the flyer to some creepy/horny old guys sitting at a bench.
Their immediate response towards getting the flyer was
"Ni sapa urut? Laki ka pompuan?"
Then that guy said,
"Laki laa. Ini urut maa. Bukan apa-apa punya."

LOL Big time.

And oh, i didn't mean to promote that ad or anything. hahaha.
I left the number unblurred just in case you need it.

And one more thing, did you notice that there's even a "before-and-after" picture?
The canon pointing down, and another one pointing up.
Another LOL big time.

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