Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What you give you get back.

It's been quite some time since this blog is updated.
Usual excuses lah, busy, study, assignments, busy, lazy, busy and so on.

Lately, and surprisingly, there's not much stories for me to tell. But here's one.
The theme for this post is "Sedekah".

Last weekend, i went out for dinner with the girlfy. After eating our hearts out, we headed back to the car. While getting inside the car, i rolled down the windscreen, it's kinda cold. No air-cond needed (budget minyak sebenarnya).

Just as i entered the car, there's this not-so-small kid, probably in secondary school, came to the car, and approached me.
Bang, saya nak mintak sedekah bang.
Saye takde duit.
Err.. nenek saya sakit.

So, i stopped for a while. Usually, under certain circumstances, i would donate some money, and under some other certain circumstances, i would just brush them off, although it may make me feel guilty, but what the hell.
Basically, i'm picky about who i want to donate to.
I'll only donate to people that looks really in need of the money, looks desperate, or really old, heavily impaired, or that kind of thing, you know.

I will usually look into their eyes first, and i can see their honesty (cewahh). If the person, or the situation is right, i will donate, ikhlas.

But the problem is, when the person who approaches me looks kinda shady, or doesn't look in need of help at all, hell, i won't hesitate to say no. My instinct says so.

So, back to the story of this boy again.
I looked at him. Looked into his eyes. The boy doesn't look poor. His clothes are all fine. He's fat, for god's sake.
And his stuttering confirms my judgement.

So, i just smiled and said,
Takpelah dik.
There was a feeling of guilt though. But who cares.

But the boy didn't move. He stayed there. Standing, and poorly trying to make a sorry face.
I didn't buy it.
As i was about to move the car, he's still standing there, basically blocking my way.
So i said,
Dik, tepi sikit dik. Kereta nak jalan ni.

Then the boy stood there for around 30 seconds.
He then finally moved away. As he backed off the car, he said,
Eeee.. Kedekutnya!
And he runs away.

Feeling furious, i almost got out of the car before being reprimanded by the girlfy.
Kurang ajar punya budak. Bastard.

So, i thought to myself, it's a good thing i didn't give that boy any money. I knew straight away that he's just pretending and looking for easy money.
Whatever, i went back.

So, later at night, as i was watching the tv, and channel surfing, i came across one channel, i'm not sure what. It was a religious talkshow, just like Al-Kuliyyah or Forum Perdana or something. (Ahaha, surprised huh?)

I have to admit, i don't normally watch these shows. But somehow i stopped channel surfing and kept on watching. (Again, surprise!)
So, the topic of the day for the programme was...

You guessed it, "Sedekah".

Okay, so i was like, oh, what a coincidence. Kinda freaky too.

Unbelievably, i watched the WHOLE show (believe it, damn it).
Read carefully, the WHOLE show.

A few points that i remembered of the show was:
  • It doesn't matter how much you donate, as long as you donate, even a single cent, it's already meaningful.
  • It doesn't matter who you donate it to, and it doesn't matter whether the person asking for the donation needs it or not. What matters is you help when people asked for it. If the person cheats, that's between he/she and God.
  • Sedekah is one of the best ways to get pahala.
  • Giving away money to donate does not cleanse the bad things you have done.
  • I think that's enough before you start fainting. (I'm surprised with myself too).
So, basically, the second point is the one which really hits me hard.
Damn, makan dalam beb.

So, basically, that's it.
I felt kinda guilty.
No, really really guilty.
*insaf sejenak*

So, if you were in my place, what would YOU do?
How would you react when the boy said those words?
Am i right to do so? Should i be feeling guilty?

So, the lesson for today is:
  1. Always remember to sedekah.
  2. Always watch religious programmes. (Ahem, big time)
  3. Expect the unexpected. Who says i can't give religious lectures? LOL
  4. Expect more tazkirah, Arf's version. hahahahahahahahahah


Hananeechan said...

Oh Tuhanku *versi insaf hasil tazkirah ko*

same je kot klo aku..usually based on their appearances and sad looking faces. *beruntung la sape yg pandai berlakon*

tapi aku paling x suka la kalo mintak derma yg tetapkan harga.
cth : kena derma rm10, pastu dia bg pen..

obviously we don't need that pen.n can't we just give any amount we wish to give, instead of him telling us how much to give?

nama pun sedekah.

*eyh.panjang lak aku membebel*

Mr.Clive said...

S T R I K E!!!!


sis said...

OMG. WTD???!!! *faints*

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